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copper jeton issued for the `Batimens du Roi', 1695 1695 France
Leopold The Hogmouth. Taler struck at Kremnitz mint for circulation in Hungary. Nice dark toned... 1696 Hungary
1696/5 Crown of William III, first bust (curved breastplate) and first reverse (top of shields... 1696 United Kingdom
Contemporary fake Saxony 2/3 thaler. Silvered base metal. Silvering nigh on all worn off. 1696 Germany
copper jeton issued for Louis de Bourbon, Duc Du Mayne and grand master of the French Artillery. 1696 France
Piedfort jeton in yellow copper (cuivre jaune) of the `Premier Corps des Marchands de Paris'... 1698 France
circulated example of Madonna and child silver denar. 1698 Hungary
1/4 taler featuring good old Leopold the Hogmouth. I wonder why he got that name (?) 1698 Hungary
Graz mint 3 kreuzer. Leopold (aka The Hogmouth). 1698 Austria
Contemporary fake 1/2 thaler. Silvered base metal. Silvering still nigh on intact. 1698 Hungary
Brandenburg silver 18 Groscher or 1/4 thaler. 1698 Germany
Nice `city view' silver jeton of the `Premier Corps des Marchands de Paris' dated 1699. 1699 France
Contemporary fake 1/2 thaler. Struck in low grrade silver. Probably very convincing in its day. 1699 Hungary
copper `city view' jeton iminted 1699 for the city of Nancy, Lorraine. 1699 France
very rare silver jeton (variant) issued in 1699 commemorating the building of the Amphitheatre... 1699 France
Copper jeton issued for Paris municipal council. Obverse: Louis XIV. Reverse: view of Paris (Pont... 1700 France
Premier Corps des Marchands de Paris. Silver jeton of 1700 issued for the Drapers and Weavers of... 1700 France
Silver jeton issued for the Languedoc Estates. 1700 France
A Pitis from the Sultanate of Aceh, Sumatra, minted in tin (I think) at Dar es Salam. 1700 Indonesia
Scarcer silver jeton of the Paris Goldsmiths (Aurifices de Paris), also known as the Sixieme... 1700 France