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Brabant. Silver 1/4 patagon dated 1645 of Phil IIII. Coinages of this location are notoriously... 1645 Belgium
A teston of Friedrich Heindrich, Count of Nassau, Prince of Orange. This coin minted circa 1645-47. 1645 Netherlands
1645 1/4 Ecu (point)Paris mint. 1645 France
1645 1/12th Ecu (rose)Paris mint. 1645 France
silver jeton issued for the Burgundian Parliament at Dijon. 1645 France
1646 jeton issued for M'sieu Scarron, the then Lord Provost of Paris (Mayor). 1646 France
Copper jeton issued for Jean Gaigny, Sherrif of Paris in 1646 1646 France
1647 silver schilling from Lucerne, Switzerland 1647 Switzerland
scarcer copper jeton minted in 1647 for the Canons of St Jacques de L'Hopital, a church in Paris... 1647 France
copper jeton issued for R. lescot, Receiver General for the City of Paris 1647-1648. 1648 France
copper jeton issued circa 1648 at the time of La Fronde, a time of civil disturbance in France.... 1648 France
One for the UFOlogists :) Copper jeton issued for the Burgundian Parliament in 1648 1648 France
1649 silver Lion Daalder from Campen 1649 Netherlands
Bavaria 1/2 Batzen. Low grade, but still collectable 1650 Germany
Dombes. Copper denier tournois of Gaston d'Orleans (brother of Louis XIII). 1650 France
Liege. A copper Liard of Maximilian Henri. circa 1650. 1650 Belgium
an undated example in copper of the now infamous `UFO' jeton (struck circa 1640). 1650 France
Silver jeton issued in the name of Louis de Gonzaga of Nevers, and Henrietta of Cleves for a... 1651 France
Very unusualerror strike (appears to be double struck / cliche) jeton issued in 1651 for the then... 1651 France
Brunswick Luneburg `Wildman' taler of 1652. Dark toned 1652 Germany