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copper jeton issued to commemorate work commencement on the building of the East facade of the... 1667 France
rare silver jeton minted in 1667 for that part of the King's administration dealing with the... 1667 France
copper jeton minted in 1668 for the city of Nancy, Lorraine. 1668 France
scarcer copper jeton issued for M'sieu Chavin, Receveur Generaux des Pauvres 1668 France
Copper jeton issued for M'sieu Le Peletier, Mayor of Paris 1669 France
Flanders. Portrait Ducaton of Carlos II of Spain. Very crudely struck at Bruges. This coin is... 1670 Belgium
scarce copper jeton struck for the the Chambr D'assurances in 1671 during the reign of Louis XIV.... 1671 France
scarcer copper jeton struch for the Paris Chambre des Assurances (maritime assurance syndicate).... 1671 France
Copper jeton, issued for Jean Francois Philbert, senior Sherrif of Lyon in 1672. There were four... 1672 France
silver jeton struck for the secretaires du roi in 1673 1673 France
Bronze city view jeton of Nancy. Sadly, a bit the worse for wear. 1674 France
1674 copper jeton issued for Jan Regnier, Mayor of Nantes, Treasury Auditor, and Kings... 1674 France
copper `mule' jeton. An interesting piece as it has been struck using two reverse dies for... 1676 France
Scarcer copper jeton issued for B DeGivry, Sherrif of Metz in 1677. 1677 France
Spanish Netherlands copper jeton. Relates to the cessation of Cambrai to France. 1677 Netherlands
Rare silver jeton of Antonius Le Moine, Doyen (Dean) of the Faculty of Medecine, Paris. 1678 France
copper jeton issued for the Burgundy Estates in 1678 1678 France
silver jeton struck for the `ordinaire des guerres' during the reign of Louis XIV 1678 France
copper jeton issued to commemorate the Peace Treaty of Nijmegen in 1688 1678 Netherlands
Doubled die as opposed to double struck reverse (?). `Doubling' very evident in exergue. Silver... 1679 France