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copper penny with the bust of Aunt Vicky. 1853 United Kingdom
silver jeton struck for the king's masons (Louis XV). Obverse youthful bust of L XV. Reverse `L'... 1730 France
1/26th of a shilling. 1841 Jersey
scarcer copper jeton minted in 1647 for the Canons of St Jacques de L'Hopital, a church in Paris... 1647 France
trial strike in tin of a jeton issued for the marchands Lingeres de paris (lingeriy and fine... 1719 France
Ephesos silver di-obol. Obverse: Bee (off centre strike) Reverse: Two Stag heads -351 Greece
silver unit of the Atrebates tribe in England under King Tincomarus (Tincommius). Obverse... -25 United Kingdom
very scarce silver jeton issued for the `Scindic des Tontines', a syndicate which provided life... 1750 France
silver unit of the Corieltauvi, a celtic tribe inhabiting the Lincolshire region of England pre... -50 United Kingdom
silver denier of the Allobroges, a celtic tribe in France whose territory was centred in the... -75 France
silver obol circa 400bc from Massalia (marseille), a Phocean colony. Obverse youthful male bust.... -400 France
Another scarce and high grade silver jeton minted (circa 1804/5) for the guild of Master Bakers... 1804 France
scarce and high grade silver jeton minted in 1623 for members of the Kings Counsel (Louis XIII of... 1623 France
silver denarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This coin was minted circa... -100 France
silver denarius of Lucius Verus, co-emperor with Marcus Aurelius. Obverse: bust of Lucius Verus... 169 Italy
silver quinarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This small coin minted... -65 France
Double Victoriatus of the Thessalian League minted circa 196 -146 bc. Obverse Zeus. Reverse... -196 Greece
scarcer nicely toned silver jeton issued in 1847 to directors and shareholders of `Le Palladium',... 1847 France
Scarce (500 struck) silver jeton de presence struck in 1891 to commemorate the re-opening of the... 1891 France
Velia in Lucania silver stater. Athena head in Phrygian helmet to left. reverse lion to left with... -365 Italy
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