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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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a 1 year only design 25 centimes, ina nice condition 1903 France
nice 25 centimes from 1921, one of the most beutiful coins of the era 1921 France
12 deniers, with clipped planchet AND struck off centre, struck at lyon 1793 France
chamber of commerce 1 franc coin 1921 France
nice, has some details remaining french empire 2 centime 1862 France
a nice 1921 10 centimes, looks to have a burn on the obverse, perhaps war damage 1921 France
5 centimes from 1914, another goregous design, not in the best condition but still in a decent... 1914 France
first yea for these gorgeous coins, the coin itself is hard wearing so not really much to go off,... 1917 France
the start of the vichy coins rather plain coins compared to earlier issues and like most... 1942 France
a nice 1 franc, again vichy issue aluminium but quite good considering how easy it wears 1943 France
the fourth republic coinage brought about larger denominations the coins themselves not the most... 1951 France
1 1953 50 francs, sticks to the designs and metal of the 10 and 20 francs 1953 France
a very nice 1922 franc, in a very nice condition, the design still has all its detail, a nice piece. 1922 France
aluminium 5 francs, simple design, and cheap metal a common thing after the war, has seen use as... 1945 France
possible double dye (look at the 4, in larger scale have seen possible doubling on other parts of... 1948 France
nice 1 euro form france, not a fan of the reverse design, but the obverses are always nice.... 1999 France
2001 french 2 euro, nice condition bar one edge knock 237,915,793 minted 2001 France
scarser 1946 B 5 francs, made of aluminium and fairly large 1946 France
10 francs from 1977 1977 France
nice 1947 10 francs 1947 France