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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1952 B 10 francs, scarcer mint, strnage corrosion lets it down but still. 1952 France
lustrous 5 francs, using the older design from the 1 franc coins from the early 20th centuary 1971 France
gorgeous bright coloured (lustre faded?) 1952 50 franc, in very nice EF condition 1952 France
5 francs from 1972 1972 France
aluminimum 2 francs 1947 France
vey good 1853 10 centimes.. french empire coin. 1853 France
bi-metallic, not in a bad condition, outer part gone dark though 1991 France
uncirculated? detail is clear, looks cleaned possibly, if not it has toned brightly, this coin is... 1918 France
nice 10 francs from 1992 1992 France
10 euro cents france, aUNC 447,249,000 minted 1999 France
nice 2 francs 1979 France
1999 1 franc, the same year the euros came in, so a nice date to own in terms of history 1999 France
a new obverse for the 2002, nice portrait 206,600,000 minted 2002 France
1930 10 centimes, 22,146,000 minted, nice colouration. 1930 France
nice 1946 B franc, still good detail on obverse 1946 France
1949 B 5 francs, some scuffs but lustre traces 1949 France
EF and lustrous 1917 10 centimes, beutiful looking coin in this state, first year of the design... 1917 France
VF, reverse toned yellow. 1921 France
1921 25 centimes in fine this time 1921 France
5 centimes 1926 in fine 1926 France