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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1874 swiss shooting medal, scratched 1874 Exonumia Europe
French Jetton made by Lazarus Gotleib Lauffer c.1696 1696 Exonumia Europe
1889 Barre bronze medal from the exposition universelle 1889 1889 Exonumia Europe
Equestrian statue of Duke of Orleans 1842 1842 Exonumia Europe
1871 Victims Sibour Affre Darboy Bishop Guibert Archbishop Paris Medal 1871 Exonumia Europe
white metal medal, commerating the coronation of Queen Victoria 1837 Exonumia Europe
Jeton of Hans Schultes I, possibly Winged Lion of St. Mark, holding Book of Gospels in forepaw... 1553 Exonumia Europe
1988 medal made by meissen, commemorating Martin Luther 1988 Exonumia Europe
small brass token in memory of George IV 1830 Exonumia Europe
small brass token celebrating the crowning of Victoria 1837 Exonumia Europe
1980 medal 100th anniversary of an energy company 1980 Exonumia Europe
undated Eton college attendance medal 0 Exonumia Europe
c. 1600 jeton from Hans Krauwinckel very low grade 1600 Exonumia Europe
undated spiel marke, (gaming token) showing arms of Austria, minted in Germany 1850 Exonumia Europe
tourest brass medal, piza 2014 Exonumia Europe
1880-1910 medal from the isle of white Musician competition festival bronze medal in art nouveau... 1900 Exonumia Europe
a 1937 Geroge VI corronation medal. VF grade 1937 Exonumia Europe
4th November 1934 Medal, Buchholz 1934 Exonumia Europe
1930 token, from Nazi Party encouraging people to vote for them 1930 Exonumia Europe
undated British transport token 5P 1980 Exonumia Europe