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Riga Schilling 1571, decent grade sadly a piece missing 1571 Estonia
EF 5 cents, EE1989 (1996) 1996 Ethiopia
small copy of the queens south africa medal, probably from a set showing the designs of medals 1902 Exonumia Africa
Indian temple token, unknown date 1800 Exonumia Asia
1st mess division vietnam token coin, very nice condition, 10 cents value? 1960 Exonumia Asia
Hindu wedding jeweler token, unknown metal, supposed to be 999 silver but lightweight 0 Exonumia Asia
a Brass temple token, hard to date but possibly late 19th early 20th C 1900 Exonumia Asia
undated indian temple token 1850 Exonumia Asia
Indian temple token, no date 1850 Exonumia Asia
2 heller notsgeld token piece from the freistadt POW camp in WW1 1915 Exonumia Europe
50 heller notsgeld coin from the freistadt POW camp, lustrous 1915 Exonumia Europe
a Beautiful fench medal by Raymond Gayrard (1777-1858) celebrating the birth of the Medal issued... 1820 Exonumia Europe
not sure about this, looks like an 1838 1/2 guilden however it has a picture of carl heinrich... 1838 Exonumia Europe
limited edition medal minted by paris mint, eiffel tower 2002 Exonumia Europe
40mm jubilee medal from 1897, in silver, not in perfect condition and is holed. also a H for... 1897 Exonumia Europe
smallish medal, initials of W.J.D B.HAM on the obverse side and W.J.D on reverse, its a nice... 1911 Exonumia Europe
copper 1/3? guinea token, could have been made at the time or any date up to the 1860's 1788 Exonumia Europe
guinea like token made of brass nice doubling on the 9 and reminets of an early shield... 1790 Exonumia Europe
a forgery? of a guinea coin, as it looks well circulated so i would point it towards that rather... 1799 Exonumia Europe
british transport token 10p, unknown year 0 Exonumia Europe