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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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brass token commorating the 1832 reform bill 1832 Exonumia Europe
Chambre de commerce de Valenciennes, medal, Ordenn. du Roi 1836 Domard F 1836 Exonumia Europe
2015 re strike of the Waterloo medal in bronze 2015 Exonumia Europe
low grade brass token, Robert peel 1850 Exonumia Europe
Swedish military medal 1942 Exonumia Europe
Unidentified token 0 Exonumia Europe
french brothel token possibly 1870-90 0 Exonumia Europe
undated 15th century jeton 1400 Exonumia Europe
very nice israel telephone token, very nice piece of social history, used up until the 80's, this... 1981 Exonumia Middle East
saskatchewan, token from shell garages. prairy lilly 2005 Exonumia North America
Large Bronze medal 150 years of First National City Bank New york 1962 Exonumia North America
1960's medal depicting Warren G harding 1964 Exonumia North America
a medal remebering the anniversaries of Pearl Harbour and 9/11 2011 Exonumia North America
a Medal from the American Numismatical Sociaty commerating the discovery of Hudson bay in 1809. 1909 Exonumia North America
binghamton railway co, 1 fare token, made between 1901 and 1930 1930 Exonumia North America
White brothers and company willow calf token 1957 Exonumia North America
decent grade 10p from the flakland islands 1983 Falkland Islands
1 penni from finland in gorgeous condition, first year of the alluminium striking, also weakly... 1971 Finland
5 pennia, nice colouration, bit bent and knocked but still good solid detail 1867 Finland
10 pennia 1979, decent grade 1979 Finland