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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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nice 1972 S, bit of discolouration, but a good clean strike with good detals 1972 USA
lustrous 1979 cent 1979 USA
nice spread on the top of the D mintmark. nice lustrous coin 1979 USA
lustrous 1980 D cent 1980 USA
interesting mark near the 80 (possible 80 over 79?) 1980 USA
filled in D and an interesting bump at the 1 in 81, nice bright lustre top EF 1981 USA
lustrous 1981 1 cent 1981 USA
spread on the 2 in the date, lustrous 1982 USA
lustrous 1982 D cent 1982 USA
interesting hook shape over the 9 good condition and lustrous 1983 USA
lump on the bottom of the reverse, other then that a normal 1983 D cent 1983 USA
looks polished and is only VF still its a nice 1984 D 1984 USA
nice coin, corroded. 1984 USA
EF, something potentially on the 5 1985 USA
nice lustre, however white stuff on reverse 1985 USA
nice 1986, red coloured, not that shiny but better then one then you would take from circulation... 1986 USA
very nice secondry mintmark to the south east of the primary (shown up top) also AUNC, with full... 1986 USA
AUNC, something on the top of the mintmark 1987 USA
EF, lustrous 1987 1 cent. 1987 USA
nice 1988 D cent. lustrous, has that white stuff again. 1988 USA