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dutch 5 cent, i dont like the design from the 80's this coin is a good thickness though 1988 Netherlands
light strike 50 pfennig, EF condition, detail is fainter then the usual strike 1971 Germany
nice example of a worn die strike, coin is lustrous too, a nice coin 2002 Dominican Republic
lustrous 1987 50 escudos, nice coin 1987 Portugal
EF 5 stotinki from bulgaria, very nice 2000 Bulgaria
metal mix error 20 escudos, no lustre but nice 1987 Portugal
nice 1983 D 1 mark, nice condition 1983 Germany
earlier date 25,000 lira, coin shows some signs of circulation 1997 Turkey
1875 dime, holed, and pitted but detail is still nice 1875 USA
1963 liberty dime, pitted and worn sadly but date is visable 1936 USA
1 cent from 1934, not in the best condiotion but details are visible 1934 USA
possib;e error on the tail of the 9 1958 1 cent, nice coin except for verdigris 1958 USA
1941 1 cent, nice if a bit dirty 1941 USA
nice 1990 dime, at leats VF, hard to tell as reverse might be weakly struck 1990 USA
1957 D 5 cent, fairly good grade, reverse looks worn, but that might be the strike 1957 USA
1959 D 5 cent, similar o the 1957, however this coin hasn't gathered dirt. 1959 USA
EF 2004 P 5 cents, louesiana purchase 2004 USA
10 centimes in a slightly better then average state, verdegris on reverse lets it down but siome... 1855 France
2,400,000 minted 1931 interesting effect on the 1 on reverse irish penny, more of a date filler... 1931 Ireland
Late Qing dynasty 1 cash, this coin was struck rather then cast, also misaligned 1909 China