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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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lustrous 1998 D cent 1998 USA
lustrous 1999 D cent 1999 USA
UNC 2000 D cent, gorgeous 2000 USA
lustrous 2001 not UNC but nice 2001 USA
UNC 2001 D cent 2001 USA
AUNC as there are some scuffs on the obverse 2002 USA
AUNC lustre is fading slighlty, still a nice coin to look at 2002 USA
EF, shows lustre loss on raised surfaces on obverse 2003 USA
UNC 2005 D cent gorgeous 2005 USA
AUNC 50 escudos, very nice coin 1998 Portugal
low mintage 2p 10,600,000 ironside design, it looks a lot the figue i know but 2p's are usualy... 2008 United Kingdom
interesting coin, seems to be on larger then a normal 1/2D, condition is badly worn but you can... 1924 United Kingdom
5 pesos, this coin commemorates 50 years of the national bank 1997 Dominican Republic
nice 2002 5 pesos, worn dye on the outer piece as you can see from the worn looking lettering 2002 Dominican Republic
struck with worn dye so coin looks in a lower grade then acctually is, 100 drachmas, obverse is... 1994 Greece
100,000 lira struck with either a cheaply made dye or a very worn dye, due to turkys inflation... 2000 Turkey
UNC, only one scratch noticable with the naked eye on the coin. also slightly off centre, was... 1992 Ukraine
fake 20p? looks like it, colour is wrong no details and the edges seem too round 2005 United Kingdom
similar to the previous one, however this one has better details 2006 United Kingdom
EF, faint lustre, but visible on picture, good condition for a recently aquired circulation piece 1997 United Kingdom