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full lustre 1 franc from 1957, aluminium, later years of issue 1957 France
VF, 1957 B 1 franc, shows some scuffing from circulation, common with the weakness of aluminium,... 1957 France
1948 B VF franc, again a slightly better mint, and the coin isn't that bad either 1948 France
republic issue, c 1944 franc, a nice coin, and an interesting issue as there was also the vichy... 1944 France
5 millieme from egypt, condition is alright, detail remails, bit of verdegris on obverse however 1941 Egypt
EF 5 centavos 1968, good lustre, limited scuffing signs but scratches noticable 1968 Cuba
10 dinara 1955, not too bad condition wise, VF at most 1955 Yugoslavia
VF XX centavos from portugal, possibly a higher grade, no lustre but nice. 1943 Portugal
EF shilling, 4,000,000 minted,this coin has good lustre, bit of dirt on obverse otherwise a nice... 1963 Ireland
denver minted 3D VF condition, something a bit differant. minted in denver as austrialian silver... 1943 Australia
nice 20 centavos from chile, high fine condition. 1924 Chile
AUNC 1 year issue 1 franc commemerating charles de gaulle 1988 France
UNC, 5 roubles, 1991 redseign. coin is still in a sealed packet, nice colouration and differant... 1991 Russia
EF 1 maltese lira, at one point the exchange rate for 1 LM was over $3 so quite a high value coin... 1986 Malta
1/2 farthing, fine condition, has a cud on reverse, not too bad a condition, but a very low value... 1844 United Kingdom
charles 2nd farthing, hard to date but the last number seems to be a 4 making it 1674, reverse is... 1674 United Kingdom
william and mary farthing, bought as a 1694 so that is what i will put, very worn example 1694 United Kingdom
george 2nd farthing, cant read date so i will go off a date in the 1740's i knoe exists (3rd... 1744 United Kingdom
1775 possible variant (higher 7?) farthing, clear date, looks dug up from the ground so condition... 1775 United Kingdom
1845 large date? farthing badly worn, and date hard to make out at the size of the image (in hand... 1845 United Kingdom