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EF 1 dinar lustrous too, lovely coin 1982 Yugoslavia
lustrous 1988 5 cent from cyprus, bit of corrosion and dirt on reverse 1988 Cyprus
EF and lustrous 10 pfennig from 1995 with a D mintmark, nice condition for a 1995 1995 Germany
great grade,hard to determine exactly, but there seems to be no wear so i'm putting at AUNC 1973 Italy
Charles 1st Richmond Oval farthing with pm. Cross patee on obverse only. P.273. Everson. 113g.... 1625 United Kingdom
1966 5 yen, EF, faint lustre so great for its age 1966 Japan
300,646,580 minted of these 1 euro cent 2001 France
EF 1989 20 centimes good bright coin 1989 France
2 euro cents lustrous 510,120,000 minted 2000 France
5 deutche mark 1986 J bright coin decent grade 1986 Germany
bright lustrous 2000 2 stotinki gorgeous example 2000 Bulgaria
lustrous A 5 pfennig from 1996 1996 Germany
EF, 10 million 5 pence minted in this year, nice green colouring 1970 Ireland
faint lustre on this 1968 1 guilder, nice condition for the date 1968 Netherlands
High VF 1936 penny, great details on both sides of the coin 1936 United Kingdom
EF bright lustrous 10 cents from cyprus, lovely 1994 Cyprus
EF $5.00 from portugal, good coin nice condition 1985 Portugal
200 escudos, VF still a nice coin 1991 Portugal
50 stotinki, VF but struck with worn dye so perhaps that is deceptive 1999 Bulgaria
EF, G 50 pfennig faded lustre but in a nice condition especially for an early date 1968 Germany