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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1960 Holland 25 cent EF 1960 Netherlands
1946 Tunisia 5 franc 1946 Tunisia
very damaged 1897 2 centime 1897 France
1882 10 lepta, fair 1882 Greece
1855 10 centimes, low grade 1855 France
Extremely fine 1946 Morocco 5 franc 1946 Morocco
1566 Halfgroat, portcullis mintmark 1566 United Kingdom
undated Elizabeth I groat, possibly over struck mintmarks 1560 United Kingdom
unknown ancient coin, possible imitation roman 0 Unknown
Constantine commemorative coin, for Constantinopolis, RBE in exergue Roma Beata Epsilon 330 Roman Empire
1792 2 sols 1792W S over lower S in Louis, Arras mint 1792 France
1806 halfpenny, VF grade with a few edge nicks 1806 United Kingdom
1773 halfpenny, contemporary counterfeit 1773 United Kingdom
1694 halfpenny, rare Unbarred A's in MARIA, clear error. 1694 United Kingdom
Charles I penny? double struck reverse however sun over eye 1645 United Kingdom
1700 farthing smaller neater letters, rare type 1700 United Kingdom
Edward IV penny, badly clipped 1461 United Kingdom
1739 farthing, nice details some corrosion 1739 United Kingdom
1964 100 yen, full lustre 1964 Japan
1913 penny, EF grade and well struck 1913 United Kingdom