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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1788 Barbados penny, obverse 2 reverse B, very worn 1788 Barbados
SHUSH YELLOWHORSE wooden Nickel 1930 USA
1849 dated California copper token 1849 USA
1817 New york Theatre token 1817 USA
1863 civil war token cent, F SIGEL, High grade with some verdigris on reverse 1863 USA
1863 Civil war DIX cent, slight damage on reverse but otherwise F 1863 USA
1916 Masonic penny East Hampton N.Y 1916 USA
1699 halfpenny last A over A in BRITANNIA 1699 United Kingdom
low grade 1758 2 kopek 1758 Russia
1735 denga, fair grade 1735 Russia
1768 Siberia Kopek 1768 Russia
1818 cent, low grade 1818 USA
1826 US cent, low grade 1816 USA
Hungarian follis, Bella III 1192 Hungary
another unidentified copper coin 0 Unknown
Unidentified copper coin 0 Unknown
1835 cent, low grade 1835 USA
tourest brass medal, piza 2014 Exonumia Europe
unidentified high grade Russian wire money 1600 Russia
Unidentified Russian wire money. 1613 Russia