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1673 halfpenny, obverse no stops,Rated ER by peck sadly some graffiti on the reverse 1673 United Kingdom
septimus Severus denarius fragment 193 Roman Empire
Julia Donma denarius, reverse Hilaritas standing left, holding palm and cornucopiae; two children... 196 Roman Empire
Septimus Severus Denarius Minerva standing left, holding spear and round shield, sadly broken... 196 Roman Empire
fair grade farthing, 1675 (possibly over 3) 1675 United Kingdom
James I Irish Sixpence, worn grade all, dating detail is worn away. 1603 Ireland
bass jeton of charles II similar design to the medal commerating the Peace of Breda 1667 Exonumia Europe
unknown bras jeton, portraid of james II but royal arms on the reverse show crowned C R 1788 Exonumia Europe
1754 farthing, low grade 1754 United Kingdom
corroded George II farthing, probably 1754 1754 United Kingdom
1748 halfpenny, great detail but corroded 1748 United Kingdom
1735 halfpenny, single exergue line, scarce type 1735 United Kingdom
1735 halfpenny mid sized? numerals, Double exergue line 1735 United Kingdom
1723 Irish halfpenny, corrosion damage 1723 Ireland
1723, unusual wider date fair grade but a bit green 1723 United Kingdom
1718 dump issue halfpenny, bad corrosion on obverse 1718 United Kingdom
1699 halfpenny no stop on Reverse, great detail but damage from being in the ground 1699 United Kingdom
1675 farthing, clear detail but a bit of ground damage 1675 United Kingdom
William and mary farthing, very low grade Unbarred A's in Maria 1694 United Kingdom
very worn and corroded william and may tin halfpenny 1689 United Kingdom