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1867 5 pennia, low grade with scratches on both sides 1867 Finland
James Duncan & co halfpenny 1830, badly damaged but clear. 1830 Canada
clear date 1744 halfpenny 1744 United Kingdom
unknown date George II halfpenny 1754 United Kingdom
1699 Naples 20 Grana, very worn 1699 Italy
1935 crown EF grade, some dark splodges 1935 United Kingdom
1909 penny VF grade 1909 United Kingdom
1908 penny average grade 1908 United Kingdom
1899 penny, wider date 1899 United Kingdom
Edward 1 penny, Lincoln mint 1272 United Kingdom
first type William III halfpenny, possibly 1695 no stop after GVLIELMVS 1695 United Kingdom
Henry II cut halfpenny RAVL.ON? 1180 United Kingdom
1670 Ipswich farthing 1670 United Kingdom
Helmeted bust, GLIK KUMPT VON GOT IST WA ℞. HANS SCHVLTES IN NVRENB 1608 Exonumia Europe
very corroded Nuremburg jeton, possibly hans 1607 Exonumia Europe
badly damaged jeton of Wolff II 1612 Exonumia Europe
James I hammered penny worn, buckled with a piece missing but still great detail. 1605 United Kingdom
undated cob.. used as a 6 maravedis 1550 Spain
undated cob 1550 Spain
early Spanish 4 maravedis used as a cob but plenty of the underlying detail remains 1597 Spain