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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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EF 1 krauzer from 1816 vienna mint nice coin 1816 Austria
1965 1 dinar, VF grade 1965 Yugoslavia
zinc 10 centimes, nice condition, bit of the usual darkening but better then most with that and... 1942 Tunisia
1869 penny, key date and hard to get, average grade 1869 United Kingdom
1938 10 dinars, F grade 1938 Iran
a very nice 1921 australia penny, caluctta mint 1921 Australia
1950 1D from australia, condition isn't bad, hair on the portrait is better then coins from the... 1950 Australia
scarser very wide date 1893 farthing, nice coin, age has treated it better then some others 1893 United Kingdom
1871 4 falus from morocco, mid grade 1871 Morocco
world war 1 POW token British Expeditionary force 10 centimes, Iron 1916 Exonumia Europe
VF grade, 1923 argentina 10 centavos, needs a bit of cleaning in regards to verdigris, still a... 1923 Argentina
1913 penny, average grade, possibly weak strking makes coin look more worn then it really is 1913 United Kingdom
partial lustre, good detail irish penny 1928 Ireland
2 centimes in fine, better then most examples, legend is readable and some detail on lion 1870 Belgium
200 escudos, VF still a nice coin 1991 Portugal
1930 5 millimes egypt, fair grade. 1930 Egypt
1655 6 maravedis, revalued in 1656 to 4 and then 3 maravedis 1656 Spain
1951 1 pice, calcutta 127,300,000 minted 1951 India
1965 1 dinar, EF full lustre some ghosting 1965 Yugoslavia
1893 2 centavos, VF grade 1893 Argentina