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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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gorgeous EF low 3 1873 farthing with 50-80% lustre remaining, scarcer type, lovely coin 1873 United Kingdom
1853Def_: type penny, badly warn and holed 1853 United Kingdom
1784 2 skilling 1784 Denmark
partial lustre, good detail irish penny 1928 Ireland
nice french oceana 2 francs, again aluminium, nice design but not as nice as the 1F 1949 Cameroon
lovely 5 escudos, no signs of any wear, lustre has faded though 1997 Portugal
VF 1922 farthing, nice streaky effect, mid grade, still nice 1922 United Kingdom
1871 4 falus from morocco, mid grade 1871 Morocco
1965 1 dinar, EF full lustre some ghosting 1965 Yugoslavia
200 escudos, VF still a nice coin 1991 Portugal
aEF 1939 farthing, no lustre but still good details and a scarce coin 1939 Ireland
1879 penny, Fgrade 1879 United Kingdom
mid grade 1906 10 cash, plenty of detail 1906 China
1875 penny, F grade 1875 United Kingdom
lustrous EF 10 centavos from argentina 1993 Argentina
1861 penny aVF grade, nice looking coin 1861 United Kingdom
1903 open 3 penny, rare variety 1903 United Kingdom
EF 1994 5 cents from cyprus, not a fan of the cypus coins.. seem bare to me 1994 Cyprus
high grade 1950 e 5 pfennig, good lustre, interesting mark in the 5 perhaps an overstrike of a 5... 1950 Germany
Rhodesia 1 penny 1957. 1957 Rhodesia