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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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partial lustre 1995 isle of man 2p still nice 1995 Isle of Man
1912h penny, VF 1912 United Kingdom
world war 1 POW token British Expeditionary force 10 centimes, Iron 1916 Exonumia Europe
10 cash from china dated 1906. 1906 China
1915 farthing, VF but looks like light strike BRIT_T version? one of the hard dates for george V 1915 United Kingdom
1965 1 dinar, VF grade 1965 Yugoslavia
very lustrous, the current prized wheat cent in my collection, possibly towards AUNC rather then... 1947 USA
nice bright 1973 cent, possibly a spread on the R (light reflects back off it?) 1973 USA
25 pesetas, canary islands issue, AUNC 1994 Spain
a very nice 1956 farthing (scarce 1,996,800 only) 1956 United Kingdom
1 sen tin issue for 44-45 this is a 1945. 1945 Japan
1 taka from bangladesh 0 Bangladesh
1860 beaded border penny average grade 1860 United Kingdom
another cash coin from kao tsung, condition is poor though 1735 China
EF 1923 1 cent 1923 East Africa
1985 682,103 minted scarce coin, some bworn stripes too 1985 United Kingdom
gorgeous AUNC 1966 australian 5 cent 1966 Australia
lustrous domnican republic 1 peso from 2002 2002 Dominican Republic
EF 10 dinara, lustre traces in the letters on reverse, coin is large 1977 Yugoslavia
1895 20 heller, EF grade 1895 Austria