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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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partial lustre 1995 isle of man 2p still nice 1995 Isle of Man
200 escudos, VF still a nice coin 1991 Portugal
1951 1 pice, calcutta 127,300,000 minted 1951 India
lovely 5 escudos, no signs of any wear, lustre has faded though 1997 Portugal
a very nice 1853 E.M 2 kopeck. 1853 Russia
2011 boxing 50p 2011 United Kingdom
1965 1 dinar, EF full lustre some ghosting 1965 Yugoslavia
1869 penny, key date and hard to get, average grade 1869 United Kingdom
lovely toned 1850 cent, sadly holed 1850 USA
EF 1994 5 cents from cyprus, not a fan of the cypus coins.. seem bare to me 1994 Cyprus
nice irtish 5p from 1993 1993 Ireland
guinea like token made of brass nice doubling on the 9 and reminets of an early shield... 1790 Exonumia Europe
1 sen tin issue for 44-45 this is a 1945. 1945 Japan
1913 penny, average grade, possibly weak strking makes coin look more worn then it really is 1913 United Kingdom
1 taka from bangladesh 0 Bangladesh
scarser very wide date 1893 farthing, nice coin, age has treated it better then some others 1893 United Kingdom
1956 D, spread on LI of liberty, secondry mintmark visible inside the D, also nice grade with... 1956 USA
another fake pound, very poorly made pound, how this is in circulation i dont know 1996 United Kingdom
Rhodesia 1 penny 1957. 1957 Rhodesia
10 cash from china dated 1906. 1906 China