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2005 25 cents, EF grade p under queens portrait 2005 Canada
5 centismi, coin woudln't be bad if the obverse didnt have knocks and chips 1961 Italy
manilla octavo from 1828, bit worn, but a crude coin. 1828 Philippines
1967 10 centavos 2 1/2 grams of silver very nice grade 1967 Dominican Republic
196,400,000 minted slight doubling of details on central piece of reverse and makes up a huge... 2002 Austria
1992 Deutche mark, seems to be made of a lighter metal and has a differant strike from ealier... 1992 Germany
1668 edu "bun" sen coin. 1668 Japan
1921 10 centimes from oran. 1921 France
nice lustrous 5 drachmas, good solid strike easy to grade from this, few worn parts onb the dye... 1992 Greece
1946 1/2 shilling, EF 1946 Jersey
UNC 20 Kopecks, 1914 so expected in this sort of condition, but a gorgeous piece none the less St... 1914 Russia
wonderful colouration, starting to tone, lustre is a wonderful almost glowing orange, which gives... 1987 United Kingdom
kings building jeton, c1660 looking at listing numbers it sits between 1664 and 1666 dated pieces... 1665 Exonumia Europe
practially UNC, nice bright lustre, picture makes the figure in the middle stand out 1992 USA
nice EF coin, lovely 1990 United Arab Emirates
50 cash, hsien feng, kianesi province, huge coin, about cartwheel twopence size made between... 1851 China
EF 192,000 minted, as all irish farthings a scarce piece to own 1959 Ireland
vending machine token 0 Exonumia Europe
wonderful condition, 1958 D not lustrous but considering the date the detail on here is rather... 1958 USA
another scarcer dye coin, the 1 is further away then normal from the 6 (like the halfpenny)sadly... 1861 United Kingdom
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