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EF 6d 4 million minted in 1968 and was last year of issue 1968 Ireland
1808 8 Maravedis coin, nice details in spots, obcerse especially, reverse has suffered slightly. 1808 Spain
1885 1 sen gorgious aEF grade with traces of lustre 1885 Japan
a medal from france, showing denis de frayssinous 1823 Exonumia Europe
EF full lustre 1983 5 cents 1983 South Africa
1946 1/2 shilling, EF 1946 Jersey
1893 farthing, EF grade. 1893 United Kingdom
VF 100 pesos, lovely colouration in this grade as the coin goes dark 1981 Chile
UNC 20 Kopecks, 1914 so expected in this sort of condition, but a gorgeous piece none the less St... 1914 Russia
2003 Gibraltar
1992 Deutche mark, seems to be made of a lighter metal and has a differant strike from ealier... 1992 Germany
a french jetton from the 14th or 15th century, good ookingpiece, slightly off centre 0 Unknown
unknown brass coin, possibly asian 0 Unknown
wonderful colouration, starting to tone, lustre is a wonderful almost glowing orange, which gives... 1987 United Kingdom
practially UNC, nice bright lustre, picture makes the figure in the middle stand out 1992 USA
5 centismi, coin woudln't be bad if the obverse didnt have knocks and chips 1961 Italy
1963 1 centisimo EF large aluminium coin 1963 Chile
manilla octavo from 1828, bit worn, but a crude coin. 1828 Philippines
1888 shilling fair grade, but it does have last 8 over 7 as you can see the corner of it on the... 1888 United Kingdom
kanei japanese coin, poor condition because of iron strike? feel free to correct 1768 Japan
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