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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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a nice 1979 D with a fat chunky D mintmark 1979 USA
1889 5 sen, mid grade some nice colouration 1889 Japan
uniface salzburg 1 pfennig 1519 Austria
cash coin from the emperor Jen Tsung Board of Public Works mint 1796 China
very well made fake possible, hard to detect very little to determine either way only the side... 1992 United Kingdom
UNC 5 piastres from 2004 2004 Egypt
1/12 of a shilling 1911 aEF, lovely 1911 Jersey
1928 50 centimes in flemmish 1928 Belgium
french jetton decent grade, hard to date but 1380-1500's 1380 Exonumia Europe
Sigismund III solidus from Riga, from around 1587-1623, sadly cliped where the date would be,... 1587 Latvia
20 heleru from 1927 1927 Czech Republic
10 millimes from egypt 1938 Egypt
nice lustrous 1 dirham from UAE first year of issue 1973 United Arab Emirates
scarser 1946 B 5 francs, made of aluminium and fairly large 1946 France
nice bright 2008 5 cents 2008 Canada
EF 5 stotinki from bulgaria, very nice 2000 Bulgaria
EF 5 won, good lustre, better then average by far 1968 Korea - South
Aunc 2009 10p 2009 United Kingdom
EF 1 tiyin, full lustre. 1994 Uzbekistan
1883 20 reis, aFine grade 1883 Portugal