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1909 V.D.B cent, fair grade 1909 Canada
10 cash coin of Mu Tsung, board of revenue 1862 China
unknown ancient coin, possible imitation roman 0 Unknown
a 1 baht coin, unsure of date 1991 Thailand
AUNC 1994 10 grochen, bit of scuffing on the reverse, a problem with aluminium 1994 Austria
nice EF 10 cash republic of china wonderful colour, lustre is gone but still high grade 1937 China
fake 20p, legend is too thin, and the dark colours looks like a differant metal thats been coated 2003 United Kingdom
2004 20 euro cent from span 2004 Spain
french jetton decent grade, hard to date but 1380-1500's 1380 Exonumia Europe
good looking george V jersey coin 1923 Jersey
withdrawn type 6D from 1887 1887 United Kingdom
a jersey 1966 crown, bit of toning on reverse at the top 1966 Jersey
1973 50 para good lustre 1973 Yugoslavia
uzbekistan 5 tiyin EF 1994 Uzbekistan
undated 50 centimes, 1922-24 are the dates for this design 1922 Morocco
1939 20 centimes, aUNC, dirty. 1939 Vietnam
1961 ketanga 5 francs, EF 1961 Congo
nice bright 2008 5 cents 2008 Canada
EF 5 stotinki from bulgaria, very nice 2000 Bulgaria
2003 20p double struck obverse, hard to grade but probably VF 2003 United Kingdom