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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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VF 1978 10 centimes 1978 France
VF 1978 10 centimes, bit dirty but good sharp details 1978 France
VF 5 franc can easily see the scratches and wear caused by circulation 1947 France
1947 B 5 francs. scarcer mint VF condition 1947 France
EF lustrous 5 centimes, nice coin, small mark 1985 France
EF 20 centimes, very nice coin 1994 France
EF 1 franc 1960, very nice considering the length of circulation this denomination had 1960 France
VF faint lustre traces in busy areas but enough wear to grade it lower then EF 1974 France
EF 10 centimes, lustre has faded some but still there and coin is bright 1980 France
nice 1/2 franc, VF grade but some lustre 1969 France
France Silver 24 Sous 1729-H La Rochelle, very worn, but good early french coin, not easy to get... 1729 France
1585 Henry III Billon double sol parisis, bit battered around the edges but still some very nice... 1585 France
A beautiful grade 1848 A 1 centime 1848 France
wonderful EF 1 centime, design fits the era too 1967 France
1962 EF 5 centimes, no lustre and a bit of corrosion 1962 France
EF 1936 5 centimes no lustre but bright 1936 France
1856 W 5 centimes, EF condition, die wear on obverse, green coloured, from the ground but no... 1856 France
1993 2 franc, jean moulan version, EF lustrous grade 1993 France
1941 2 francs, very nice detail, no lustre 1941 France
1932 50 centimes, small brass coin, showing good circulation life. 1932 France