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1993 250 Rials Pomegranate Blossom In the style of Persian carpet Islamic Republic of Iran,... 1993 Iran
British mandate 1927 10 Mills Hole in center & date Wreath round hole in center & value in... 1927 Palestine
1914 1/2d Value & date King George V 1914 Australia
2 Hr Ivan Ohienko Portrait of Ivan Ohienko, at the left and at the right of it, in... 2007 Ukraine
1405-1447 Timurid Empire Silver Tanka Ruler of Herat Shahrukh Mirza 1407 Afghanistan
500L Revolution of technology Robot sat in chair in front of web 3 towers on hills 1986 San Marino
1943 1d Kangaroo, value & date King George VI, Kings head is showing under the Roo with no... 1943 Australia
Indo Sythian Billion Drachm of Rujuvula 10Bc 10Ad Head of Rajuvula was an Indo-Scythian Great... 10 India
5M Silver Balthasar Neumann (1687-1753) Commemorative 1978 Germany
1 Crown Tynwald Millenium Lifeboat & Sail ship, cameo of Sir William Hillory Queen Elizabeth II 1979 Isle of Man
1751 Copper Duit United East India Company (VOC Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) VOC... 1751 Netherlands
2 euros Cologne cathedral mint mark J = Hamburg I have all 5 versions 2011 Germany
Circa 1880's Germany Spiel Marke Napoleon III 1880 Exonumia Europe
5Hr Symbolic Cymbals melody like a conventionalized Baroque ornament. There are depicted... 2006 Ukraine
360-460 Kingdom of Kidara in the Punjab Kota Kula Stick figure-Trident & Lightning 360 Pakistan
$1 Remembrance National War Memorial Designed by RCM Staff Portrait of Elizabeth II by Dora... 1994 Canada
5euro Waterland Silver plated in coincard 2010 Netherlands
100 Fils Value Coat of Arms 1992 Bahrain
2.5 Euros Summer Olympics Beijing Globe, Portugese flag above olympic rings. Globe, Portugese... 2008 Portugal
268-270 Claudius II Gothicus Antoninianus IMP CLAVDIVS AVG, radiate cuirassed bust right... 268 Roman Empire
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