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$10 10z Silver Commemerating Nolan Ryans 7 career No hitter record 1993 Liberia
1874a 5F Third Republic 1871 1940 Hercules flanked by allegorical figures of Liberty and... 1874 France
100 Fils Value Coat of Arms 1992 Bahrain
2.8 ecus Silver 190th anniversery death of Nelson 1995 Gibraltar
1943 1d Kangaroo, value & date King George VI, Kings head is showing under the Roo with no... 1943 Australia
1940 1/2d Halfpenny Ship under full sail King George VI 1940 South Africa
10Dm 750 Anniversary of Berlin 1237/1987 Fractured Berlin bear holding city emblem Eagle... 1987 Germany
Expo Japan 10Zl Fan shaped coin A pair of cranes. On the left-hand side, a view of a pine tree... 2005 Poland
1842-1863 Silver rupee Dost Muhammad 1842 Afghanistan
2 Hr Ivan Ohienko Portrait of Ivan Ohienko, at the left and at the right of it, in... 2007 Ukraine
2002 Austria 5e 250th Anniversery of the Schonbrunn Zoo Vienna the Emperor's Pavilion at the... 2002 Austria
Southern Rhodesia 1954 1/2d Halfpenny Country, value & date Crown above Rose 1954 Rhodesia
20 cents Kyrenia ship, 4th century BC. Map of the community & Value 2008 Cyprus
2 euros 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the United Nations Jigsaw puzzle of the Dove... 2005 Finland
1 Crown Tynwald Millenium Lifeboat & Sail ship, cameo of Sir William Hillory Queen Elizabeth II 1979 Isle of Man
Indo Sythian Billion Drachm of Rujuvula 10Bc 10Ad Head of Rajuvula was an Indo-Scythian Great... 10 India
$1 Remembrance National War Memorial Designed by RCM Staff Portrait of Elizabeth II by Dora... 1994 Canada
1751 Copper Duit United East India Company (VOC Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) VOC... 1751 Netherlands
1747 1/4d Farthing Seated Britannia King George II 1747 United Kingdom
2 Zloty 125th Anniversary of Karol Szymanowski's Birth 1882-1937 Image of Karol Szymanowski... 2007 Poland
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