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Entente Cordiale The Franco-British Exhibition of Science, Arts and Industry was held in London... 1908 Exonumia Europe
£5 in folder of issue Princess Diana Memorial Issue Designed by David Cornell Portrait of... 1999 United Kingdom
20 BC Primary Ruler, Cunobelin Secondary ruler, Tasciovanus Trinovantes Unit Mans head... -20 United Kingdom
2000 Crown Silver Millenium 2000 Isle of Man
1830 ? 40 on 80 Reis Value in wreath Crown above Globe Cant make out the date on this one... 1830 Brazil
1995 $1 100th Aniversary of the song 'Waltzing Matilda' QEII 1995 Australia
Licinius I, 308-324 AD Follis 313-315 Obv Laureate head right. IMP LIC LICINIVS P F AVG Rev... 313 Roman Empire
2 Lira Eagle on fasces within laurel wreath, Savoy Coat of arms below Victor Emanuele III Non... 1940 Italy
10 Baht 80th Birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej Portrait of King Bhumibol Rama IX, Thai... 2007 Thailand
50 Piaster Value & date Queen Cleopatra VII 2005 Egypt
284-305ad Diocletian Potin Tetradrachm Alexandria year 5= 288/289ad A K GOYA... 288 Roman Empire
218-220ad Julia Maesa Grandmother of Elagabalus IVLIA MAESA AVG, draped bust right... 218 Roman Empire
1 Franc Island scene divides denomination Seated Liberty with torch and cornucopia Designed by... 1965 French Polynesia
1869 10 Reis Crown above Globe Pedro II 1869 Brazil
10c Lignum Vitae & Coat of Arms 1973 Jamaica
£5 in folder of issue 70th birthday of Queen Elizabeth Designed by Avril Vaughan 3 Flags... 1996 United Kingdom
5 Euros Mozart Portrait of Mozart with the Salzburg Cathedral in the background Coat of arms... 2006 Austria
British Caribbean Territoies Eastern Group 1955 25c Golden Hind Queen Elizabeth II 1955 East Caribbean St.
1997 1000 Sucres 70th Anniversery of the Central Bank Eucenio Espeio Value 1997 Ecuador
2 zloty 60th anniversary of the ending of World War II Combat helmet of WZ 40 type on a... 2005 Poland
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