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1774 XX Reis Crown above value & date Globe Joseph the reformer 1750-1777 1774 Brazil
1934J 2M Potsdam Garrison Church Dated on front March 1933 German Eagle flanked by swastikas... 1934 Germany
Philip I the Arab Antoniniaus IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG VICTORIA AVG Victory advancing right... 244 Roman Empire
Circa 1880's Germany Spiel Marke Napoleon III 1880 Exonumia Europe
Celtic Bronze Unit Hod Hill Unknown Tribe & date Warrior Bearded Head 30 United Kingdom
200th Anniversary of Founding the Ministries in Russia 10 Rubles Minisrey of Education Emblem... 2002 Russia
£1 UK Cities London depicting the Coat of arms of the Corporation of the City of London... 2010 United Kingdom
1 euros Grand Duke Henri Map of EU 2007 Luxembourg
337ad Helena Mother of Constantine I AE 3 Constantinople Special issue for the dedication... 337 Roman Empire
$1 Olympic lucky Loon Designed by Jean-Luc Grondin Bird splashing with olypic rings and logo... 2008 Canada
1984 Silver 1/2p Fuchia blossom 1984 Isle of Man
2 euros Treaty of Rome Book surrounded by geometric design Map of the community 2007 Finland
1/4 balboa Coat of arms Vasco nunez de Balboa in morion helmet and corselet armor 1947 Panama
$1 Images of a common loon swimming Designed by Robert-Ralph Carmichael Portrait of Elizabeth... 1993 Canada
1938 1d Kangaroo, value & date King George VI 1938 Australia
Severus Alexander Caesar 221-222ad, Augustus 222-235ad Sestertius 231ad IMP SEV ALEXANDER... 222 Roman Empire
Hamburg Two Schilling Value & date Eagle holding 2 swords 1726 Germany
1747 1/4d Farthing Seated Britannia King George II 1747 United Kingdom
British East Africa 1/- Shilling 1949 Mount Kilimanjaro & prowling lion King George VI 1949 East Africa
1871 1/2d Halfpenny Coat of Arms Queen Victoria Minted at the Royal mint London 1871 Jamaica
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