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2.5 Euros Summer Olympics Beijing Globe, Portugese flag above olympic rings. Globe, Portugese... 2008 Portugal
5M Silver Balthasar Neumann (1687-1753) Commemorative 1978 Germany
£1 UK Cities London depicting the Coat of arms of the Corporation of the City of London... 2010 United Kingdom
360-460 Kingdom of Kidara in the Punjab Kota Kula Stick figure-Trident & Lightning 360 Pakistan
2 Zloty 125th Anniversary of Karol Szymanowski's Birth 1882-1937 Image of Karol Szymanowski... 2007 Poland
2Zl 25 Years of the Pontificate of John Paul II Ornamental crucifix, image of John Paul II... 2003 Poland
1747 1/4d Farthing Seated Britannia King George II 1747 United Kingdom
British Empire Exhibition Wembley Dockyard scene Helmeted head representing 'Commerce & Industry' 1924 Exonumia Europe
3 BC Danube Basin Philip III Imitation Drachm Head of Herakles facing right in lionskin... -3 Austria
1839A 5F King Louise Philippe I 1830 1848 A = Paris Mint mark Hand Privy Mark Privy Mark 1839 France
$1 Vancover Centenary QEII 1986 Canada
$1 Horse drawn Sledge QEII 1992 Canada
1937E 2 Marks German Eagle cluthing Swastika Paul Von Hindenburg Mint Mrk E = Muldenhutten 1937 Germany
Philip I the Arab Antoniniaus IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG VICTORIA AVG Victory advancing right... 244 Roman Empire
200th Anniversary of Founding the Ministries in Russia 10 Rubles Minisrey of Defence Emblem... 2002 Russia
200th Anniversary of Founding the Ministries in Russia 10 Rubles Minisrey of Education Emblem... 2002 Russia
$1 Images of a common loon swimming Designed by Robert-Ralph Carmichael Portrait of Elizabeth... 1993 Canada
Elymais Orodes IV c AD 190? AE Drachm 2.93g 14mm Facing bust of king Bust of Queen Ulfan or... 190 Iran
Severus Alexander Caesar 221-222ad, Augustus 222-235ad Sestertius 231ad IMP SEV ALEXANDER... 222 Roman Empire
£2 in folder of issue 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible Designed by Paul Stafford &... 2011 United Kingdom
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