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Ae Antoninianus of Diocletian (284 -305 AD). `Iovi Conservat Aug' reverse. 284 Italy
Scarcer Carausius silvered antoniniani, minted circa 288ad at London. Pax standing to left S-P in... 288 Italy
AE follis of Maximianus. Obverse radiate bust with legend `IMP C M A MAXIMIANUS P F AUG.... 304 Italy
AE Follis of Maxentius 306 Italy
Licinius I Ae Follis Iovi Conservatori reverse. Reasonable portrait coin. 308 Italy
AE follis of Licinius I. IOVI CONSERVATORI reverse 308 Italy
Ae3 of Crispus (317-326ad). Obverse: Crispus Nobil C. Reverse: Caesarum Nostrum - VOT X with... 317 Italy
Nice example of Constantine II `Gloria Exercitus' Ae 3/4 330 Italy
Scarcer Ae follis of Delmatius circa 335 AD minted at Arles in France. The only type of this... 335 France
Constans Ae3/4. Nice bust but shame about the rest of the coin. reverse reads Vot XX Mult XXX... 341 Turkey
Magnentius (350-3 ad) double centenionalis. Rev. Large Christogram (chi -ro) between alpha and... 350 Italy
Decentius (351 -3). Ae Centenionalis. Rev. two vicotories facing and holding a shield. RSLG in... 351 Italy
Julian II `The Apostate'(360-3 ad). Ae 1 (28mm)with portrait obverse and bull standing right,... 360 Italy
Nice example of Ae 3/4 of valentinian I (364-375 AD). Obverse bust / reverse Victory advancing. 364 Italy
ae4 of the Roman Emperor Theodosius I (379-395 ad). Reverse: salus republicae -Victory advancing... 385 Italy
Copper 20 nummi of Justin II (565 -578 AD) and Sophia of the Byzantine Empire. This coin struck... 569 Turkey
Tete Chinonais denier from Chartres circa 10/11th century ad. Rev: Cartis Civitas 1045 France
Stephen I of Penthievre, Count of Brittany, also known as the 3rd Earl of Richmond. This coin... 1093 France
tete Chinonais denier from Blois cica 12 /13th Century ad. 1145 France
Silver dirham (anonymous coinage) from the Muwahhid dynasty in Iberia / Morocco during the period... 1160 Spain
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