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silver antoninianus of Gallienus (253 -268 ad) circa 260 ad. Rather good silver for this type. 260 Italy
silver antoninianus of Postumus (ruled 260-269 ad), the first emperor of the breakaway Gallic... 263 France
Claudius Gothicus (268-270 AD)Ae Antoninianus. Unusually nice condition. 268 Italy
Claudius Gothicus (268-270 AD)silvered bronze Antoninianus. Most of the silvering is still... 268 Italy
Victorinus(268-270 AD)Ae Antoninianus. Salus feeding serpent reverse.Pity about the verdigris,... 268 Italy
Another Victorinus(268-270 AD)Ae Antoninianus. Looks like another `Salus' reverse but i'm not... 268 Italy
silver antoninianus of Salonina (wife of Gallienus) who was murdered along with her husband in... 268 Italy
silver antoninianus of Cornelia salonina, wife of Gallienus. Vesta reverse 268 Italy
Ae Antoninianus of Victorinus (268 -270 AD). `Invictus' reverse 268 Italy
Claudius II (Gothicus) ae antoninianus rev= Fides Milit. Fides standing left holding two standards 268 Italy
Quintillus Ae antonianus (270 ad). Silvering has long since gone, but underlying coin remains... 270 Italy
Ae / billon tetradrachm of Emperor Aurelian (?) Minted at Alexandria. Eagle standing reverse. 270 Italy
AE Antoninianus of Tetricus I, minted at Cologne. Obverse radiate bust of Tetricus. Reverse,... 270 Italy
Base metal antoninianus minted for Quintillus at Rome in 270 ad. reverse : Virtus Aug 270 Italy
AE tetradrachm minted at Alexandria , Egypt. Obverse Vabalathus' laureat and diademed bust (year... 271 Italy
Ae Antoninianus of Tetricus II. Reverse has Spes advancing to left. In better than normal... 274 Italy
Ae Antoninianus of Probus (276 -282 AD).'Restitut Orbis' reverse. 276 Italy
Probus silvered Ae Antonianus minted at Lyon. Obverse : IMP C PROBUS PF AUG Radiate bust of... 276 France
Carus (282-3 ad)ae antoninianus. Rev. `Iovi Victori'. Original siver wash has all but vanished,... 282 Italy
silvered Ae Antoninianus of Carinus (283 - 285 AD). `Aeternit Aug' reverse. 283 Italy
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