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Livonia schilling 1547 Latvia
Silver rupee of Shah Suri, Sultan of Delhi, AH year 959. 1551 India
Livonia schilling 1553 Latvia
silver denar 1555 Hungary
Flanders. Portrait 1/4 Ducat of Philip II. Low grade, but scarce. 1556 Belgium
Gelders, Spanish Netherlands silver half ducat. Nice portrait coin. Low grade, but very hard to... 1557 Netherlands
Early french jeton issued in 1557 during the reign of Henri II for the Chambre des Comptes (The... 1557 France
Early silver teston of Charles III Duke of Lorraine wearing crown. No date on coin, but circa... 1560 France
1560 dated copper jeton of Francis II of France (first husband of Mary Queen of Scots) 1560 France
A silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. During this year money... 1561 France
Another silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. This one is referred... 1561 France
rare jeton issued for the kings counsellors of Francis II King of France and Scotland (husband of... 1561 France
A silver teston bearing the image of Charles IX issued by the Paris mint (A mm under bust)... 1562 France
1562 6d of Elizabeth I of England. 1562 United Kingdom
1562 dated copper jeton issued for Thomas de Bragelogne a noble from the Languedoc region during... 1562 France
Brabant. Nice portrait of Philip II of Spain on a silver 1/2 Ducat. 1563 Belgium
Error jeton from the early years of Charles IX. Strange in that it has been struck using two... 1563 France
Gelders, Spanish Netherlands silver ducat. Low grade, but very hard to find these in much better... 1564 Netherlands
Nice Thaler of Archduke Ferdinand (no date) minted using roller dies at Hall mint, Tyrol sometime... 1564 Austria
Gelders, Spanish Netherlands silver quarter ducat. Nice clear portrait. Low grade, but as good as... 1566 Netherlands
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