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silver ducat of Ivan Strazimir (1360 -96) 1360 Bulgaria
Half groat of Robert II circa 1371. Decent portrait coin. 1371 Scotland
silver double denier of Charles II of Lorraine circa 1390 - 1431. 1390 France
Lion Double Gros aka a `botdraeger' of Philip The Bold. Minted for Flanders circa 1400 ad 1400 Belgium
Double gros of Philip III (The Good') Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders (1419-67), this coin... 1419 Belgium
Double gros of Philip IV (`The Handsome'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders, also Philip I... 1492 Luxembourg
Gros of Charles I (`The Bold'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders. This coin was issued for... 1492 Belgium
Alexander, King of Poland 1501 -6 and Grand Duke of Lithuania. I think that this coin is a silver... 1501 Poland
Nice example of the Madonna and child silver denar. 1509 Hungary
Hendry VIII silver penny (sovereign style). This one minted at Durham during the time of Bishop... 1509 United Kingdom
1/2 Gros of Sigismund I 1511 Poland
Gold escudo / Doubloon of Carlos I and Johanna (aka `La Loca'). Generally thought to be the first... 1516 Spain
Many thanks to Nicolai Tkachenko for his excellent sleuthing! This piece is now determined to be... 1524 Switzerland
small 24mm copper token (mereau) of 12 deniers minted in 1526 for the cathedral of St Omer... 1526 France
Antoine de Lorraine (1508 -44). A silver teston minted at the city of Nancy. Dark toned, weakly... 1527 France
Ecu d'or au soleil of Francis I of France 1530 France
West Prussia silver groschen dated 1531. 1531 Germany
Sigismund I silver grosz dated 1535. Nice portrait coin. 1535 Poland
A silver teston of Francis I of France. Minted at Cremieu by the mint master Pierre le Maistre,... 1538 France
East Prussia silver groschen dated 1541. Nice bust of Albert of Brandenburg. 1541 Poland
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