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silver jeton from the Spanish Netherlands minted in 1598 and depicting (reverse)the Dutch army... 1598 Netherlands
Saxony 1599 `Drei Broder Taler'. Name is self descriptive 1599 Germany
A 1/4 ecu of Charles II Cardinal of Lorraine (1578- 1607)and Bishop of Metz. This being a 1/4 ecu... 1600 France
Flanders. Half patagon of Albert and Isobella of Spain. ND, but circa 1600's. 1600 Belgium
`Krauwinkel' jeton (rechenpfenning / reckonning counter) manufactured by Laufer in Nurenberg... 1600 Germany
A Katun (silver)from the Sultanate of Johore under malik al Adil, circa 1600 ad. 1600 Malaysia
silver 3 groschen struck in 1600 for Sigismund III. Damaged, but still a nice portrait coin. 1600 Poland
undated copper double tournois from Chateau-Renaud (scarce). Obverse: bust of Francois de Conti. 1600 France
copper jeton issued for thew household of Marie de Medici 1601 France
rare silver jeton struck during the reign of Henri IV for the Maitres des Requetes et Correcteurs... 1601 France
1602 James VI Merk. Low grade but hard to find in any grade. 1602 Scotland
scarcer Huitieme d'ecu de Navarre (1/8 ecu) struck for Henri IV of France at Saint-Palais. 1602 France
Chateau Renaud. Copper double tournois of Francois de Bourbon, Prince de Conti. Not dated but... 1603 France
1603 6d of James I of England / VI of Scotland. 1603 United Kingdom
scarcer quart d'ecu (1/4 ecu)`Dauphine' struck for Henri IV of France at Grenoble mint. This... 1603 France
scarcer silver jeton minted in 1603 during the reign on Henri IV for issue to members of the... 1603 France
Scarcer copper jeton issued for the Paris Police at Le Chatelet in 1604. 1604 France
Huitieme d'ecu (1/8 ecu) struck for Henri IV of France at Rennes. 1604 France
Bronze jeton issued for maria de medici as Queen Regent of France (mother of Louis XIII). 1605 France
quart d'ecu (1/4 ecu)struck for Henri IV of France at Saint Lo mint 1605 France
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