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Mary Queen of Scots silver Ryal. This one has been curated. It bears the crowned thistle... 1567 Scotland
`Sword Dollar' /Silver Ryal/ Thirty Shillings Scots of James VI of Scotland 1570 Scotland
Silver teston of Jeanne D'Albret of Navarre. A truly fascinating lady and the mother of Henri IV... 1571 France
Gelders, Spanish Netherlands silver half ducat. Another nice portrait coin. Low grade, but very... 1571 Netherlands
1572 scarcer jeton struck in yellow copper (silver plated)for Charles de Bourbon, Archbishop of... 1572 France
United Netherlands circa 1573. Scarce Lion of Holland counterstamp in oval with pearled border... 1573 Netherlands
1575 brass jeton issued for the French Mint Administration. 1575 France
A silver teston dated 1576 of Louis de Montpensier / Louis II of Dombes. Not easy to find, and... 1576 France
A silver teston bearing the image of Henri III of France, this one dated 1576 and from Bayonne... 1576 France
1576 dated copper jeton issued for Nicolas Gencian D'Anjou a minor noble from the Languedoc... 1576 France
undated copper jeton minted in 1577 at Nuremberg for Andre Hac, registrar at the Cour Des... 1577 France
Unusually high grade jeton dated 1578 struck in latten and issued for the Mint Administration... 1578 France
Very rare silver jeton of Mary Queen of Scots. Issued by France during her incarceration at the... 1579 France
Very rare French bi-metallic jeton (brass outer and silver inner)issued during the reign of Henri... 1579 France
Mary Queen of Scots silver jeton struck for her in France. Obverse conjoined arms of France and... 1579 France
Bi-metallic jeton minted in 1579 during the reign of Henri III of France. Silver centre with... 1579 France
1580 dated copper jeton issued for the mint administration in Paris. Difficult to scan and much... 1580 France
Jeton dated 1581struck in latten and issued for the Mint Administration (Cour des Monnaies)... 1581 France
Mansfeld silver Taler 1582 Germany
Jeton dated 1582 struck in latten and issued for the Mint Administration (Cour des Monnaies)... 1582 France
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