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KM-20, 1942 Dominican Republic 25 centavos, Philadelphia mint; silver, reeded edge; good very... 1942 Dominican Republic
KM-799, 1905 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; Edward VII, less common type, circulated... 1905 United Kingdom
KM-35, 1900 Curacao 1/4 gulden, Utrecht mint; silver, reeded edge; Wilhelmina I, scarcer one year... 1900 Curacao
KM-13, 1969 Seychelles rupee; copper-nickel, reeded edge; late Elizabeth II coinage, typically... 1969 Seychelles
KM-789, 1889 Great Britain half penny; bronze, plain edge; late Victoria, weiled head, PCGS... 1889 United Kingdom
KM-792, 1907 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, decent grade, extra fine or... 1907 United Kingdom
unlisted i Krause yet, 2017 Greece 2 euro; nickel clad brass nickel center in copper nickel ring;... 2017 Greece
KM-193.2, 1914 olombia 50 centavos, Medellin mint (open 4); silver, reeded edge; circulated, fine... 1914 Colombia
KM-878, 1938 France 10 francs; silver, reeded edge; good extra fine to about uncirculated... 1938 France
KM-771, 1907 Sweden 25 ore; silver, reeded edge; Oscar II, average circulated, good fine. 1907 Sweden
KM-11, 1945 New Zealand half crown; silver, reeded edge; George VI, smaller mintage year, good... 1945 New Zealand
KM-755, 1883 Sweden 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Oscar II, one of the scarcer years, dark toned... 1883 Sweden
KM-21, 1875 Switzerland 2 francs, Berne mint (B mint mint mark); silver, reeded edge; scarcer... 1875 Switzerland
KM-14, 1918 Guernsey 8 doubles, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; George V period,... 1918 Guernsey
KM-21, 1886 Switzerland 2 francs, Berne mint (B mint mark); silver, reeded edge; earlier mintage... 1886 Switzerland
KM-21, 1901 Uruguay 5 centesimos, Aaron Hirsch (A mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge; average... 1901 Uruguay
KM-27, 1922 Germany (Weimar Republic) 50 pfennig, Mildenhutten mint (E mint mark); aluminum,... 1922 Germany
KM-741, 1876 Sweden krona; silver, reeded edge; Oscar II, circulated, good fine or so. 1876 Sweden
KM-737, 1874 Sweden 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Oscar II, darker toned due to lower silver... 1874 Sweden
KM-551, 1942 British India 1/2 rupee, Bombay mint (dot mint mark); silver, reeded edge; a more... 1942 India