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KM-27a, 1941/Year III of Pius XII Vatican 2 lire; stainless steel, reeded edge; nicer grade... 1941 Vatican
KM-12, 1841 French Colonies 5 centimes, Paris mint; bronze, plain edge; colonial issue by Louis... 1841 France
KM-52, 1956 South Africa (Dominion) 5 shillings; silver, reeded edge; NGC graded PL 66 with... 1956 South Africa
Y#33, AH1336 (1918) Morocco rial, 10 dirhams, Paris mint; silver, raised stars on edge; scarcer... 1336 Morocco
KM-25, 1912 Australia 6 pence, Royal mint (London, no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; scarcer... 1912 Australia
KM-1, 1820 British West Indies 1/16'th of a dollar; silver, reeded edge; looks to be a regular,... 1820 Unknown
KM-907, 1966 Great Britain half crown; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated, lacquered. 1966 United Kingdom
KM-28, 1953 Paraguay 50 centimos; aluminim-bronze, scalloped flan, plain edge; common issue, nice... 1953 Paraguay
KM-20, 1950 New Zealand 1/2 penny; bronze, plain edge; scarcer year of the type but still... 1950 New Zealand
KM-6, 1893 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR) South Africa 2 shillings; silver, reeded edge;... 1893 South Africa
Y#21a.2, 1909 Russia (Empire) 15 kopeks, St. Petersburg mint (СПБ mint mark); silver, reeded... 1909 Russia
KM-PE3, 1949 French Oceania 2 francs; piefort with essai, aluminum, plain edge; scarce mintage... 1949 French Polynesia
KM-E7, Lec-14, 1949 French Oceania 50 centimes; essai, copper-nickel, plain edge; mintage 2,000,... 1949 French Polynesia
Detail: Small (narrow) date variety on 1967 5 centavos - CO67F. 1967 Colombia
KM-206a, 1967 Colombia 5 centavos; copper clad steel, plain edge; mostly red uncirculated, small... 1967 Colombia
KM-228, 1967 Colombia 50 centavos; nickel clad steel, reeded edge; as minted, but nickel's layer... 1967 Colombia
KM-597, 1969 Portugal escudo; bronze, plain edge; first year of the type, mostly red uncirculated. 1969 Portugal
KM-573, 1925 Portugal 10 centavos; bronze, reeded edge; fine or about. 1925 Portugal
KM-900, 1960 Great Britain 3 pence; nickel-brass, plain edge, 12-sided flan; red average... 1960 United Kingdom
KM-20, 1951 New Zealand half penny; bronze, plain edge; nice brown about uncirculated or better. 1951 New Zealand