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KM-61, 1980 Banamas 10 cents; copper-nickel, scalloped flan, plain edge; average uncirculated or... 1980 Bahamas
KM-26, 1899 Switzerland 5 rappen; copper-nickel, plain edge; average circulated. 1899 Switzerland
KM-70, 1808 Bolivia real, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark), PJ essayer; silver, circle and square... 1808 Bolivia
KM-37, 1933 Germany (Weimar Republic) reichspfennig, Berlin mint (A mint mark); bronze, plain... 1933 Germany
KM-3, 1932 Czechoslovakia 10 haleru; bronze, plain edge; first Republican coinage, brown almost... 1932 Czech Republic
KM-164, 1940 Netherlands 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; Wilhelmina I, circulation issue, extra... 1940 Netherlands
KM-13, 1903 Canada 5 cents, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Edward VII, first... 1903 Canada
KM-304, 1856 Netherlands East Indies 1/10 gulden, Utrecht mint; silver, reeded edge; Willem... 1856 Indonesia
KM-130, 1972 Germany 10 mark, Munich mint (D mintmark); silver, lettered edge; business strike,... 1972 Germany
KM-557.1, 1945 British India rupee, Bombay mint (dot under flower); silver, reeded security edge;... 1945 India
KM-579.2, 1754 Great Britain farthing; copper, plain edge; George II, I believe it is KM-579 and... 1754 United Kingdom
KM-647, 1799 Great Britain 1/2 penny, Soho mint; copper, engrailed (diagonal milled) edge; George... 1799 United Kingdom
KM-94, Germany (Third Reich) 5 reichsmark, Stuttgart mint (F mint mark); silver, lettered edge;... 1938 Germany
KM-538, 1946 British India anna, Bombay mint (dot under date); copper-nickel, scalloped flan,... 1946 India
KM-513, 1935 British India anna, Bombay mint (dot under date); copper-nickel, scalloped flan,... 1935 India
KM-553, 1947 British India 1/2 rupee, Bombay mint (diamond under date); nickel, reeded edge;... 1947 India
KM-512, 1917 British India 1/4 anna, Calcutta mint; bronze, plain edge; George V, red brown... 1917 India
Bd# 1556, Flon# 22-24, (1624-1625) Duchy of Lorrain 1/2 groschen, Nancy; billon, 7 gr; Charles IV... 1624 Germany
KM-93, Germany (Third Reich) 2 reichsmark, Munich mint (D mint mark); silver, lettered edge;... 1937 Germany
KM-43, 1948 Canada 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; George VI, second type with IMP. IND. dropped,... 1948 Canada