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KM-50, Showa Yr.3 (1928) Japan 50 sen; silver, reeded edge; Hirohito, first year of the type,... 1928 Japan
KM-12, 1974 Seychelles 1/2 rupee; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, last year of... 1974 Seychelles
Y#130, 1989 Russia (USSR) 10 kopeks; copper-nickle-zinc, reeded edge; proof like specimen,... 1989 Russia
KM-844.1, 1918 France franc; silver, reeded edge; Sower type, common war time year, toned extra... 1918 France
Y#117, Russia (USSR) 1952 15 kopeks; reeded edge, copper nickel; Soviet Union, very fine or so,... 1952 Russia
KM-112.1, 1965 Germany 5 marks, Munich mint (D mint mark); silver, lettered edge; circulation... 1965 Germany
KM-86, 1936 Germany (Third Reich) 5 reichsmark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, lettered edge;... 1936 Germany
KM-14, 1899 Germany mark, Mildenhutten mint (E mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm II,... 1899 Germany
KM-49.1, 1952 Vatican lira; aluminum, plain edge; XIV year of Pius XII, common year, bright... 1952 Vatican
KM-52.1, 1951 Vatican 10 lire; aluminum, lettered edge; XIII year of Pius XII, average... 1951 Vatican
KM-120, 1988 Germany (DDR) 5 mark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); copper-nickel-zinc, lettered edge;... 1988 Germany
KM-1, 1924 Czechoslovakia 20 haleru; copper-nickel, plain edge; first Republican coinage, good... 1924 Czech Republic
KM-21, 1938 British West Africa 3 pence, King's Norton nint (KN mint mark); copper-nickel,... 1938 British West Africa
KM-280, 1915 German State Baden 3 mark, Karlsruhe mint (G mint mark); silver, lettered edge;... 1915 Germany
KM-372, 1904 German States Hesse-Darmstadt 2 mark; silver, reeded edge, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig,... 1904 Germany
KM-787, 1937 Sweden 2 kronor; silver, reeded edge; Gustaf V, low mintage key year, about... 1937 Sweden
KM-17, 1869 Jamaica penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; Victoria, first standard coinage, average... 1869 Jamaica
KM-16, 1895 Jamaica 1/2 penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; Victoria, mintage 96,000, extra fine to... 1885 Jamaica
KM-15, Jamaica 1880 farthing; copper-nickel, plain edge; Victoria early Jamaican issue, decent... 1880 Jamaica
KM-896, 1970 Turkey 2 1/2 lira; stainless steel, lettered and ornamented edge; FAO issue, mintage... 1970 Turkey