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KM-11.1, 1899 Mauritius 20 cents, Royal Mint; silver, reeded edge; last Victoria mintage, good... 1899 Mauritius
KM-11.1, 1882 Mauritius 20 cents, Heaton mint; silver, reeded edge; Victoria, smallest mintage of... 1882 Mauritius
KM-680.1, 1821 Great Britain crown; silver, raised lettered edge; George III, SECUNDO on the... 1821 United Kingdom
KM-167.3, 1940 Chile 20 centavos; copper-nickel, plain edge; common coin, late in the type,... 1940 Chile
KM-23, 1900 Switzerland 1/2 franc, Berne mint (B mint mark); silver, reede edge; smaller mintage,... 1900 Switzerland
KM-438, 1933 Mexico 20 centvos, Mexico City mint (M mint mark); silver, reeded edge; decent... 1933 Mexico
KM-907, 1962 Great Britain 1/2 crown; copper-nickel, reeded edge; late Elizabeth II business... 1962 United Kingdom
KM-21, 1914 Switzerland 2 francs, Berne mint; silver, reeded edge; darker toned, but nice... 1914 Switzerland
KM-23, 1914 Switzerland 1/2 franc, Berne mint; silver, reeded edge; decent details, may have been... 1914 Switzerland
KM-36.1, 1972 Germany (East) 5 mark, Berlin mint (no mint mark); copper-nickel, lettered edge;... 1972 Germany
KM-728, 1841 Great Britain 1 1/2 pence; silver, plain edge; early Victoria coinage issued for... 1841 United Kingdom
KM-446, 1919 Mexico 50 centavos, Mexico City (M mint mark); silver, lettered edge; no finess 2... 1919 Mexico
KM-816, 1919 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; George V last sterling coinage, decent... 1919 United Kingdom
KM-447, 1919 Mexico 50 centavos, Mexico City (M mint mark); silver, lettered edge; first of the... 1919 Mexico
KM-63, 1929 German (Weimar Republic) 3 reichsmark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, lettered... 1929 Germany
Y# 12a, 1868 Russia (Empire) 5 kopeks. Ekaterinburg mint (EM mint mark); copper, reeded edge;... 1868 Russia
KM-17, AH1354(1935) Saudi Arabia half riyal; silver, reeded edge; one year type, average... 1354 Saudi Arabia
KM-38, AH1374(1954) Saudi Arabia 1/2 riyal; silver, reeded edge; extra fine or so. 1374 Saudi Arabia
KM-181, 1944 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) 10 centavos, Denver mint (D mint mark);... 1944 Philippines
KM-193.2, 1932 Colombia 50 centavos, Medellin mint (M mint mark); silver, reeded edge; relatively... 1932 Colombia