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KM-739, 1902 Sweden 25 ore; silver, plain edge; Oscar II, average circulated, good fine or... 1902 Sweden
KM-1146, AH1323 (1944) Iran 10 rials; silver, reeded edge; Muhammad Reza Pahlavi Shah, appears to... 1323 Iran
2016 France 2 euro; bi-metallic: nickel brass clad nickel center in copper-nickel ring, reeded... 2016 France
KM-205, 1781 Brazil 160 reis, Lisbon mint; silver, corded edge; Maria I and Pedro III, early... 1781 Brazil
KM-88a, 1989 South Africa rand; nickel, reeded edge; circulation coinage, nice uncirculated... 1989 South Africa
Y19, Meiji Yr. 26 (1893) Japan 5 sen; copper-nickel, ,plain edge; Emperor Mutsuhito, minted in... 1893 Japan
KM-29a, 1919 Straits Settlements 10 cents, Bombay miint (star under bust mint mark); silver,... 1919 Malaysia
KM-736, 1882 Sweden 5 ore; bronze, plain edge; Oscar II, good very fine to extra fine, few rim... 1882 Sweden
KM-115, 1982 South Africa rand; nickel, reeded edge; one year circulation commemorative,... 1982 South Africa
KM-837, 1936 Great Britain half penny; bronze, plain edge; George V, last year, good extra fine... 1936 United Kingdom
KM-8, 1948 Malaya 10 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; late George VI issue, nice, lightly toned... 1948 Malaysia
KM-356, AH1352 (1933) Egypt 2 1/2 milliemes; copper-nickel, octagonal flan, plain edge; Fuad I,... 1352 Egypt
KM-361, AH1362 (1943) Egypt 10 milliemes; bronze, scalloped edge; Farouk, common coin, extra fine... 1362 Egypt
KM-31, 1919 Straits Settlements 5 cents; silver, reeded edge; George V second type, abur extra... 1919 Malaysia
KM-2, 1959 Federation of Nigeria penny; bronze, plain edge; short lived predecimal coinage... 1959 Nigeria
KM-17, 1950 New Zealand shilling; copper-nickel, reeded edge; George Vi mintage, post war... 1950 New Zealand
KM-7, 1937 New Zealand 3 pence; silver, plain edge; George VI first year of reign and type, toned... 1937 New Zealand
KM-17, 1951 New Zealand shilling; copper-nickel, reeded edge; George Vi mintage, post war... 1951 New Zealand
KM-23, 1961 Switzerland 1/2 franc; silver, reeded edge; common coin, about uncirculated. 1962 Switzerland
KM-23, 1946 Switzerland 1/2 franc, Berne mint (B mint mark); silver, reeded edge; rgular - coin -... 1946 Switzerland