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KM-30, 1964 British Honduras cent; bronze, scalloped flan, plain edge; Elizabeth II, red brown... 1964 Belize
KM-76, 1912 Belgium centime; copper, reeded edge; French legend (DES GELGES)), brown uncirculated. 1912 Belgium
KM-152.1, 1865 Bolivia boliviano; silver, raised lettered edge; decent very fine, a flan defect... 1865 Bolivia
D&H-55, 1794 Great Britain half penny token; copper, lettered edge; Chichester and Portsmouth,... 1794 United Kingdom
KM-4.3, 1881 Hong Kong cent; bronze, plain edge; Victoria issue, good fine. 1881 Hong Kong
KM-E9, 1949 New Caledonia 2 francs; essai, copper-nickel, plain edge; essai mintage of 2,000 for... 1949 French Polynesia
Y# 20a.2, 1905 Russia (Empire) 10 kopeks, St. Petersburg mint (СПБ mint mark; silver, reeded... 1905 Russia
KM-21, 1922 East Africa shilling, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; typically dark... 1922 East Africa
KM-6.3, 1988 Hong Kong 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; one of the more common Victoria years, fine... 1888 Hong Kong
KM-169, 1911 Philippines (US) 10 centavos, San Francisco mint (S mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1911 Philippines
KM-170, 1907 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) 20 centavos, San Francisco mint (S mint... 1907 Philippines
KM-2882, 1957 Austria 10 schilling; silver, reeded edge; first year of the type, toned and a bit... 1957 Austria
KM-2882, 1972 Austria 10 schilling; silver, reeded edge; average but nicely lustrous uncirculated. 1972 Austria
KM-85, 1971 South africa 10 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; lightly toned proof, exibiting... 1971 South Africa
KM-87, 1975 South Africa (Republic) 50 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; nice proof, mintage 18,000. 1975 South Africa
KM-20, 1909 Uruguay 2 centesimos, Vienna mint ( A mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge; good... 1909 Uruguay
KM-19, 1924 Uruguay centesimo, Poissy, France mint (thunderbold mint mark); copper-nickel, plain... 1924 Uruguay
KM-22, 1965 Fiji 3 pence; nickel-brass, 12-sided flan, plain edge; Elizabeth II, red brown... 1965 Fiji
KM-18, 1950 Fiji 3 pence; nickel-brass, 12-sided, plain edge; moslty darker red nice uncirculated. 1950 Fiji
KM-29, 1942 Uruguay 20 centesimos, Santiago mint (So mint mark); silver, reeded; about very fine,... 1942 Uruguay