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KM-12, 1889 Straits Settlements 20 cents, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; later... 1889 Malaysia
KM-813a, 1925 Great Britain 3 pence; silver, plain edge; George V, smaller mintage year, good... 1925 United Kingdom
KM-914.2, 1944 France 50 centimes, Beaumont mint (B mint mark); aluminum, plain edge; Vichy... 1944 France
KM-42, 1980 Nicaragua 50 centavos, Mexico mint (Mo mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded edge;... 1980 Nicaragua
KM-42, 1924 germany (Weimar Republic) mark, Berlin mibt (A mint mark); silver, ornamented edge; 2... 1924 Germany
KM-13, 1903 Canada 5 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark; silver, reeded edge; Edward VII, first year... 1903 Canada
KM-532, 1913 German States Prussia 2 mark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1913 Germany
KM-9, 1942 New Zealand shilling; silver, reeded edge; George VI, key year of the type, good extra... 1942 New Zealand
KM-844.1, 1898 France franc; silver, reeded edge; decent lightly circulated grade, extra fine or... 1898 France
KM-93, 1864 Netherlands gulden; silver, lettered edge; William III, gunmetal original toning on... 1864 Netherlands
KM-438, 1940 Mexico 20 centavos, Mexico mint (M mint mark); silver, reeded edge; decent toned... 1940 Mexico
Y#89.1, 1924 Russia (USSR) poltinnik (50 kopeks); silver, lettered edge; ПЛ mint master... 1924 Russia
KM-844, 1938 Great Britain half penny ; bronze, plain edge; George V, few small spots on... 1938 United Kingdom
Y#89.1, 1924 Russia (USSR) poltinnik (50 kopeks); silver, lettered edge; ТР mint master... 1924 Russia
KM-6, 1758 Isle of man half penny; copper, plain edge; James Murrey, 2'nd Duke of Atholl mintage,... 1758 Isle of Man
Sheqel-90.4, IGCMC-25045457 Israel 1971 silver medal, 70'th Anniversary of the Jewish National... 1971 Israel
Sheqel-194.1, IGCMC-26083270 Israel 1981 medal, 50 years of Institute of Certified Public... 1981 Israel
KM-71.2, 1966 South Africa (Republic) rand; silver, reeded edge; early Republican coinnage, SUID... 1966 South Africa
KM-23, 1947 British West Africa shilling, King Norton's mint (KN mint mark); nickel-brass,... 1947 British West Africa
KM-731.1, 1849 Great Britain 4 pence (groat); silver, reeded edge; early Victoria, minted for... 1949 United Kingdom