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KM-10, 1913 German East Africa rupie, Hamburg mint (J mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm... 1913 Namibia
KM-8, 1902 Cyprus 1/4 piastre; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, scarcer year of the short... 1902 Cyprus
KM-18, 1910 Germany (Empire) 25 pfennig, Munich mint (D mint mark); nickel, plain edge; short... 1910 Germany
C#132, 1836 Poland (Kingdom of, Russian Empire) 2 zlote; silver, slant reeded; Nicolas I rule,... 1836 Poland
KM-271, 1902 German States Baden 2 marks; silver, reeded edge; Friedrich I, 50 years of reign,... 1902 Germany
KM-631, 1907 German States Wurttemberg 2 marks, Stuttgart mint (F mint mark); silver, reeded... 1907 Germany
KM-59, 1931 Italy 5 centesimi, Rome mint (R mint mark); bronze, plain edge; Vittorio Emmanuele... 1931 Italy
KM-14.1, 1924 South Africa penny; bronze, plain edge; George V first type, small mintage of... 1924 South Africa
KM-28, 1910 Bulgaria lev; silver, lettered edge; Ferdinand I, lightly toned extra fine or better. 1910 Bulgaria
KM-13, 1927 Nicaragua 10 centavos; silver, reeded edge; earlier year, good very fine or so. 1927 Nicaragua
KM-15, 1948 New Zealand 3 pence; copper-nickel, plain edge; George VI, decent extra fine or so. 1948 New Zealand
KM-5, 1892 Canada 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; late Victoria, fine or about. 1892 Canada
KM-492, 1901 British India rupee, Calcutta mint (C mint mark); silver, reeded edge; last Victoria... 1901 India
KM-684, 1857 Sweden 25 ore; silver, reeded edge; Oscar I, 7 over 6 variety, scarcer year but poor... 1857 Sweden
KM-5, 1926 Greenland 25 ore; copper-nickel, plain edge; Danish possession, average uncirculated... 1926 Denmark
KM-10.1, 1942 New Zealand florin; silver, reeded edge; George VI, key year of the type with small... 1942 New Zealand
KM-10.1, 1945 New Zealand florin; silver, reeded edge; George VI, no scarce but smaller mintage... 1945 New Zealand
KM-455, 1938 Mexico peso, Mexico mint (M mint mark); silver, lettered edge; common, good extra fine. 1938 Mexico
KM-22, 1921 Australia half penny, Sydney mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; George V, about... 1921 Australia
KM-428, 1914 Mexico 10 centavos; silver, reeded edge; last year of the type, brilliant uncirculated. 1914 Mexico