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KM-73, 1952 Hnduras 20 centavos de lempira, Philadelphia mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded... 1952 Honduras
KM-799.1, 1870 France 5 francs, Paris mint (A mint mark); silver, lettered edge; Napoleon III,... 1870 France
Y#77, Showa Yr.33 (1958) Japan 100 yen; silver, reeded edge; Hirohito, better than average... 1958 Japan
KM-318, 1940 Netherlands East Indies 1/10 gulden, Utrecht mint; silver, reeded edge; Wilhelmina... 1940 Indonesia
KM-46, 1952 Australia shilling, melbourne mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; last George... 1952 Australia
KM-138, 1909 Netherlands 1/2 cent; bronze, reeded edge; Wilhelmina I, uncirculated, but a reverse... 1909 Netherlands
Y#18, Meiji Yr.18 (1885) Japan 1/2 sen; copper, plain edge; Mutsuhito, decent extra fine or so. 1885 Japan
KM-161.5, 1900 Bolivia 50 centavos, Potosi mint (PTS in monogram); silver, reeded edge; last year... 1900 Bolivia
KM-23, 1940 British West Africa, Royal mint (no mint mark); nickel-brass, reeded security edge;... 1940 British West Africa
KM-11a, 1982 Suriname cent, Utrecht mint; aluminum, plain edge; about uncirculated. 1982 Suriname
KM--2, 1933 New Zealand 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; George V, first year of mintage, extra fine... 1933 New Zealand
KM-14, 1912 Nicaragus 25 centavos, Heaton Mint (H mint mark); silver, reeded edge; early... 1912 Nicaragua
KM-152.3, 1910 Chile peso; silver, reeded edge; one year type and scarce, very fine, lightly... 1910 Chile
KM-5a.1, 1863 Italy (Kingdom) lira, Milan mint (M mint mark); silver, lettered edge; Vittorio... 1863 Italy
KM-118.2, 1858/7 Bolivia 1/2 sol, Potosi mint (PTS in monogram); silver, reeded edge; decent... 1858 Bolivia
KM-438, 1937 Mexico 20 centvos, Mexico City mint (M mint mark); silver, reeded edge; decent extra... 1937 Mexico
KM-740, 1874 Sweden 50 ore; silver, reeded edge; Oscar II, average circulated, good fine or better. 1875 Sweden
KM-13, 1935 Nicaragua 10 centavos; silver, reeded edge; smaller mintage year, almost uncirculated. 1935 Nicaragua
KM-201, 1958 United States cent, Philadelphia mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; nice red... 1958 USA
KM-905, 1955 Great Britain shilling, Scottish crest; copper nickel, reeded edge; earlier... 1955 United Kingdom