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1933 2/6 Half Crown Shield flanked by crowns King George V 1933 United Kingdom
1922 1d Penny Brittania seated holding Shield & trident George V 1911-1936 1922 United Kingdom
1982s Silver Half Dollar George Washington 250th Aniversary of his birth 1982 USA
1876 10 Guilder Coat of Arms William III 1849-1890 1876 Netherlands
1995 1 Peso Smiling sun Coat of arms 1995 Argentina
1000 Reis Value within wreath Kneeling lady liberty holding cornicopia 1927 Brazil
321-187Bc Mauryan Empire Drachm -321 India
1934 1/10d One tenth of a penny Seal of Solomon & date Crown above value 1934 British West Africa
46Bc Roman Republican denarius of Mn Cordius Rufus Rome Crested Corinthian helmet, owl on... -46 Roman Empire
25c Bahamian Sloop & Coat of Arms 1978 Bahamas
2 Euros Economic & Monetary Union, 1999-2009 Stick figure and Euro symbol Map of the community... 2009 Belgium
UK William IIII By trampling on liberty I lost the reins 1837 Exonumia Europe
1917 StadtHagan (capital of the district of Schaumburg, in Lower Saxony) 50pf Notgeld 1917 Germany
1942 1 Ks Value & Wheat 1942 Slovakia
Antoninus Pius 138 - 161 AD Silver Denarius. Obv ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XV, laureate... 161 Roman Empire
5 Won Silver 100th Aniverary German Sailing Ship Price Eitel Fredrich Coat of Arms 2000 Korea - North
2c Mole Antonelliana, symbolising the city of Turin Globe & Value 2002 Italy
10 Francs Native art above denomination Designed by A Guzman Liberty head, IEOM below head... 2003 French Polynesia
1922 400 Reis Value & date Liberty & semi circle of stars 1922 Brazil
2 1/2 Centesimos Vasco nunez de Balboa In soft cap with a feather and armour Dos y Medio... 1929 Panama