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1922 400 Reis Value & date Liberty & semi circle of stars 1922 Brazil
10Zl 450 Years of the Polish Postal Service hologram At the top right-hand side, a image of the... 2008 Poland
321-187Bc Mauryan Empire Drachm -321 India
British East Africa 193 5 cents Value above crossed elephant tusks & date Crown above value... 1936 East Africa
1942 5 Ore Zinc Crown, Monogram King Christian X 1912-1947 Value above crossed branches 1942 Denmark
2zl Value Polish eagle 1995 Poland
1st Republic 1918-1939 5 Lati 1931 Coat of Arms & Girls Head 1931 Latvia
2Zl 65th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Lodz Ghetto Eagle, value & date 2009 Poland
2010 Slovenia 3e Ljubljana UNESCO World Book Capital 2010 Slovenia
1/10 Gulden Queen Wilhemlina Value 1948 Curacao
1934 1/10d One tenth of a penny Seal of Solomon & date Crown above value 1934 British West Africa
Curaco 1944 Minted in Denver 21/2 Cents Value in wreath Rampant Lion 1944 Netherlands Antilles
4 Doubles 1918 H Heton Mint Value & date in wreath Coat of arms in wreath 1918 Guernsey
Muhammad Bismillah Khan Jorawar Khan Babi, Nawab Sahib of Radhanpur Victoria JI In Hindi Ji... 1895 India
1917 StadtHagan (capital of the district of Schaumburg, in Lower Saxony) 50pf Notgeld 1917 Germany
25c Bahamian Sloop & Coat of Arms 1978 Bahamas
1889 2000 Reis Silver Crown above globe set in wreath 'Decreto De 1870' Pedro II 1889 Brazil
1711 6d Six Pence Cruciform shilds with garter star in center Queen Anne 1702-1714 1711 United Kingdom
1832R 40 on 80 Reis Value in wreath Crown above Globe Mint Mrk R = Rio De Janero 1832 Brazil
Princley State of Baroda VS1949-1892 2 Paisa Cow Hoof and Sword Circle of vines Value & date... 1892 India