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£1 UK Cities London depicting the Coat of arms of the Corporation of the City of London... 2010 United Kingdom
£2 in folder of issue 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible Designed by Paul Stafford &... 2011 United Kingdom
Philip I the Arab Antoniniaus IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG VICTORIA AVG Victory advancing right... 244 Roman Empire
1934J 2M Potsdam Garrison Church Dated on front March 1933 German Eagle flanked by swastikas... 1934 Germany
100F Bay with Mounting and sailboat Marianne 2003 French Polynesia
337ad Helena Mother of Constantine I AE 3 Constantinople Special issue for the dedication... 337 Roman Empire
1747 1/4d Farthing Seated Britannia King George II 1747 United Kingdom
2 euros Treaty of Rome Book surrounded by geometric design Map of the community 2007 Finland
$1 Olympic lucky Loon Designed by Jean-Luc Grondin Bird splashing with olypic rings and logo... 2008 Canada
$1 Images of a common loon swimming Designed by Robert-Ralph Carmichael Portrait of Elizabeth... 1993 Canada
Circa 1880's Germany Spiel Marke Napoleon III 1880 Exonumia Europe
Celtic Bronze Unit Hod Hill Unknown Tribe & date Warrior Bearded Head 30 United Kingdom
British East Africa 1/- Shilling 1949 Mount Kilimanjaro & prowling lion King George VI 1949 East Africa
1949 2/6 HalfCrown Coat of Arms King George VI 1949 New Zealand
2Zl Polish Road to Freedom General elections of 4 June 1989 Eagle, value & date 2009 Poland
Hamburg Two Schilling Value & date Eagle holding 2 swords 1726 Germany
1984 Silver 1/2p Fuchia blossom 1984 Isle of Man
1/4 balboa Coat of arms Vasco nunez de Balboa in morion helmet and corselet armor 1947 Panama
Severus Alexander Caesar 221-222ad, Augustus 222-235ad Sestertius 231ad IMP SEV ALEXANDER... 222 Roman Empire
10Zl 100th Anniversary of Foundation of Fine Arts Academy Painting on an easel, palette with... 2004 Poland
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