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Reunion des Quatre Commerces de Bois. Original Silver jeton dated 1822 depicting storage of green... 1822 France
Reunion des Trois Commerces de Bois. Same obverse as the `quatre commerces' but relating to three... 1843 France
Commerces des Bois. Silver jeton of the three woodworking trades of Paris. Although dated 1840,... 1845 France
Nice scene of a quayside timber yard. A scarcer silver jeton of the Societe de Bois de Caen, France. 1860 France
Commerce de Bois Neuf. Silver jeton of the woodcutting and storage trades in Paris during the... 1801 France
Banque De Bordeaux silver jeton de presence. 1832 France
Caisse D'Epargne De Bordeaux (savings bank) silver jeton de presence. 1880 France
Paris city view. The `Trois Ponts' jeton de presence of the Napoleonic era. Struck for members of... 1798 France
The Town House, La Rochelle. France 1836 France
Caen Chamber of Commerce jeton de presence. 1845 France
Maria Adelais Duchess of Burgundy. jeton de presence struck for members of her household in 1710.... 1710 France
Alexander, King of Poland 1501 -6 and Grand Duke of Lithuania. I think that this coin is a silver... 1501 Poland
Aachen 3Marck. Small silver coin. Charlemagne obverse, denomination reverse. 1754 Germany
Anhalt silber groschen. With a silver content of .222 it is a misnomer. This one is actually... 1859 Germany
Baden silver 3 kreuzer (.35). Nice coin but a couple of small stains obverse. 1868 Germany
Baden silver 6 kreuzer (.375). 1836 Germany
Baden Zwei Marks. 1907 Germany
Bavaria 1/2 Batzen. Low grade, but still collectable 1650 Germany
Bavaria Gulden of Ludwig I. 1840 Germany
Bavaria Gulden of Maximillian I. 1859 Germany
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