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1822/1 $1/4 `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Clear overdate. 1822 Jamaica
100 Francs / 15 Ecus issue `Arc de Triomphe' 1993 France
silver drachm (a la tete cubiste)of the Volques Tectosages, a celtic tribe from the Toulouse... -100 France
silver antoninianus of Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius. 251 Italy
Louis XVI by Droz on a silver jeton issued for the `Comite Occitanie'(Languedoc ). This jeton... 1783 France
Scarcer silver jeton of the Moneyers and Adjusters of Rouen (mint). This fairly weakly struck... 1780 France
nice dark toned original silver jeton issued for the `Compagnie D'Assurance Generale de Paris' in... 1818 France
Mary Queen of Scots silver Ryal. This one has been curated. It bears the crowned thistle... 1567 Scotland
German East Africa - Silver rupie. 1898 Tanzania
Silver proof 100 pesetas Durer's `Praying Hands' obverse /Arms reverse. 1970 Equatorial Guinea
Silver medal issued by `Le Secours', a French company proving assurance against accidental... 1880 France
Comoros Islands 5 francs. You aren't likely to see many of these chunks of silver out there in... 1890 France
Brunswick Luneburg `Wildman' taler of 1652. Dark toned 1652 Germany
Gold escudo / Doubloon of Carlos I and Johanna (aka `La Loca'). Generally thought to be the first... 1516 Spain
25 cents. From the silver proof set for 1974 1974 Belize
1655 dated silver jeton minted for the Troisieme Coprps des marchands (the Haberdashers Guild of... 1655 France
Liege. Two Liards in the name of Johann Theodore 1752 (variant). 1752 Belgium
Ten dollars. From the silver proof set for 1974 1974 Belize
Gelders, Spanish Netherlands silver quarter ducat. Nice clear portrait. Low grade, but as good as... 1566 Netherlands
1862 1/4 anna. Minted at Bombay. Incuse V on shoulder, Bust `A', reverse I...and a die rotation... 1862 India
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