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Copper trias froim Syracuse circa 400-345 BC. Obverse Athena; reverse hypocamp. Coin has seen... -400 Italy
A nice silver stater from the city state of Thebes in Boeotia, Greece, circa 379 - 338 bc. A nice... -379 Greece
Boeotian hemidrachm with portrait of `Smiley the Alien' obverse. 379-371 BC -371 Greece
Velia in Lucania silver stater. Athena head in Phrygian helmet to left. reverse lion to left with... -365 Italy
silver stater from the Corinthian colony of Anaktorion in Akarnania. `A' below Pegasus, and DI... -360 Greece
Small bronze of Philip II of Macedonia (Alexander the Great's father). This one has a very dark... -359 Greece
Ephesos silver di-obol. Obverse: Bee (off centre strike) Reverse: Two Stag heads -351 Greece
A drachm from the Greek City State of Larissa circa 350 -325 BC 5.9 gms -350 Greece
Argos Hemidrachm. Wolf to left obverse / `A' with eagle below reverse. A nicer example of the SNG... -350 Greece
bronze from the Greek City State of Akragas, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Apollo. reverse two eagles. -350 Italy
silver tetradrachm of Philip II of Macedon (Father of Alexander the Great). This coin struck... -348 Greece
A silver stater from the Greek City State of Heracleia Pontica in Bythnia (South coast of Black... -345 Greece
Ae `trias' from the city state of Syracuse circa 344 - 336 BC. Coin is far better than scan would... -344 Italy
Chalkis in Euboia silver drachm. Hera obverse, with eagle carrying trophy while eating snake... -340 Greece
A silver stater from the Greek City State of Corinth circa 330 BC. 8.1 gms -330 Greece
An Ae21 (struck 325-275 bc)from the town of Arpi, in Apulia, Italy. Obverse: bust of Zeus.... -325 Italy
nice Syracusan bronze Ae 7 coin (circa 320 bc). Femal head obverse, scallop and dolphin reverse. -320 Italy
Ptolemy I tetradrachm as Satrap of Egypt. Obverse: bust of Alexander the Great with elephant... -310 Egypt
bronze from Greek City State of Kamarina, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Athena. Reverse owl on a... -285 Italy
A silver didrachm from Sparta's one and only colony in Magna Graecia, the city of Tarentum. One... -280 Italy
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