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2008 United Kingdom
This is the early or first type 20 pence. This reverse design was first used in 1982 on the first... 2008 United Kingdom
This is the recently introduced 'jig-saw' twenty pence, issued in the second half of 2008, as... 2008 United Kingdom
H. Philippe Petain on Venezuelan 'Chiefs of WWII' gold medal. One of a set of 18. 1959 Venezuela
Lobster (Homarus Vulcaris). Local delicacy and major export on reverse of Jersey silver Two... 1972 Jersey
Sir Henry Morgan, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica 1674 on reverse of 1974 silver proof $10. 1974 Jamaica
'In Memory of Jewish Fighters' and 'Fifty Years Since the Victory over Nazi Germany - May 1945'... 1995 Israel
Silver proof Crown issued to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday. 2006 Isle of Man
Manx cat, without tail, on reverse of silver proof 25 pence crown. 1975 Isle of Man
Persian silver 5 Rials. 1932 Iran
Sultan Ahmad Shah on obverse of 1915 / 1916 Persian silver 5,000 Dinars. 1915 Iraq
Javan Tiger (Panthera Tigris) on reverse of Indonesian silver proof 2,000 Rupees. Issued as part... 1974 Indonesia
Crowned portrait of George V 'King & Emperor' on four-sided cupro-nickel 2 Annas. 1918 India
What is the capital of Iceland? About 500 Kronur, according to the joke following the recent... 1974 Iceland
Silver proof 1,000 Kronur, part of a 2-coin set issued in 1974 for the 1100th anniversary of its... 1974 Iceland
Hungarian dual denominated 20 Francs 8 Forints are similar to their Austrian counterparts (20... 1879 Hungary
Silver proof 25 pence crown to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee, 1952 - 1977. Reverse:... 1977 Gibraltar
The German Mints continue to issue a series of silver 10 euro commemorative coins, 4 designs each... 2003 Germany
Olympic flames and rings on German silver 10 marks for the 1972 Munich XX Olympiad. From memory,... 1972 Germany
It's difficult to decide whether this French Indo-China silver Piastre should be classified as... 1900 Vietnam
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