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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1933 G 10 pfennig 1.050.000 minted 1933 Germany
1874 10 centimes, possibly K. 1874 France
1826 farthing, EF grade, beautiful coin 1826 United Kingdom
1880 farthing, F grade verd spot on reverse 1880 United Kingdom
1940 50 centimes EF grade, brass type 1940 France
very worn 10 reis of João V 1750 Portugal
1902 St Helens coronation medal 1902 Exonumia Europe
scarcer copper Nickel type 1864 cent. 1864 USA
1860 cent, attempted drilling 1860 USA
1567 Threepence, broken 1567 United Kingdom
1912 S Dime, in fair grade 1912 USA
mid grade 1673 farthing, although last digit of date is missing the placemtn of last O in CAROLO... 1673 United Kingdom
unidentified indian silver coin, possibly mughal 0 India
1722 halfpenny, low grade 1722 United Kingdom
1723 halfpenny low grade 1723 United Kingdom
White brothers and company willow calf token 1957 Exonumia North America
low grade charlses I halfgroat, obverse weak strike, mintmark possibly crown 1635 United Kingdom
badly worn and damaged threefarthings of Elizabeth I dated 15 somthing 1570 United Kingdom
1928 20 kopeck, VF grade, faint lustre 1928 Russia
1701 halfpenny well struck, fair grade, huge 0 and larger letters 1701 United Kingdom