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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1699 halfpenny, well struck missing upper bar of E in GVLIELMVS, bad pitting on obverse but good... 1699 United Kingdom
1699 halfpenny, weak strike, damaged T;s look like rectangles, last 9 touches Exergue 1699 United Kingdom
1697 farthing, mid grade some old verdegris but otherwise a nice colour and grade of its type,... 1697 United Kingdom
William III guinea coin weight, exceptional grade possible correction mark 1695 United Kingdom
undated British transport token showing the 1980 class 508 train 1981 Exonumia Europe
undated national transport token showing the 1981 metrocar 1981 Exonumia Europe
British tranport token 20p showing the 1903 tramcar 1980 Exonumia Europe
undated 20p transport token, with the picture of the CVD6 Bus with the introduction date 1980 Exonumia Europe
undated british transport 10p token 1980 Exonumia Europe
undated British transport token 5P 1980 Exonumia Europe
Annamese cash coin Canh-Hung-Tuyen-Bao? 1740 Vietnam
Unidentifed cash coin 0 Vietnam
Unidentifed cash coin 0 Vietnam
Unidentified Annamese cash 0 Vietnam
Very worn William III halfpenny, GV is struck over some differant letters, early reverse so hard... 1697 United Kingdom
hard to date halfpenny of William III Third Reverse and 2nd obverse date is usualy less clear on... 1699 United Kingdom
some corrosion on this EF 1862 halfpenny ruins what would be a nice coin 1862 United Kingdom
1918 penny badly corroded 1918 United Kingdom
very corroded bun head penny 1868 United Kingdom
50 franc 1951 B only 11,829,121 minted, VF grade 1951 France