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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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stretched penny, Lego land 2010 Exonumia Europe
1963 Canada 10 cents in silver 1963 Canada
low grade 1863 penny 1863 United Kingdom
low grade debased coin, so possibly of Henry 8th 1530 United Kingdom
possibly Edward II penny of Durham mint 1307 United Kingdom
very low grade roman coin, constantine 336 Roman Empire
2009 £1 coin 2009 Gibraltar
2011 Olympic 50p, Badminton 2011 United Kingdom
low grade 1748 denga 1748 Russia
Emperor Hui Tsung 2 cash 1117 China
low grade 1919 cent 1919 USA
1918 cent, low grade 1918 USA
1916 cent, very low grade 1916 USA
1916D cent, low grade 1916 USA
1912 cent, almost fine 1912 USA
1909 cent, almost VF 1909 USA
1901 cent, cleaned at some point but F 1901 USA
1883 V nickel with CENTS, EF details but holed 1883 USA
low grade 1923 nickel 1923 USA
1867 no rays Nickel, worn grade. 1867 USA