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100,000 mintage of these mini commemorative medals from the royal mint, 10p sized piece 2009 Exonumia Europe
Jen Tsung cash coin, interesting coloration, sadly has a hole in 1723 China
1993 200 lira aUNC, a nice design, looks textured 1993 Vatican
Shih Tsu cash, lovely looking coin, common mint though (restrike?) need more info 1644 China
1778 1 sol, fine grade all detail is there, wear on edges mainly, portrait has some details 1778 France
EF lustrous 1939 sixpence 200k minted. from southern rhodesia, a bit discoloured but the detail... 1939 Rhodesia
1969 1 cent, discouloured obverse but nice looking coin 1969 Jamaica
10 centismi from italy, a nice looking coin, i think the colouration gives it a nice look, still... 1939 Italy
Hungarian Denar or Obole of Maria 1382-1385 1382 Hungary
unidentifeid cash coin, looks odd this one 0 China
fine grade 1927 10 centavos 1927 Argentina
commonewealth halfgroat, better in hand then the pictures show 1649 United Kingdom
AUNC, strange minting error which gives a ghostinf effect where there is acctualy nothing to... 1998 Greece
interesting jetton dated 1655, beutful designs with a coat of arms on either side. possibly french 1655 Exonumia Europe
1643 K double tournais, worn but slightly off centre 1643 France
VF XX centavos from portugal, possibly a higher grade, no lustre but nice. 1943 Portugal
1665 unknown token/coin 1665 Unknown
gibraltar 2006 20p high grade 2006 Gibraltar
rare tin farthing of james II reverse is very corroded so date is impossible to identify BUT the... 1684 United Kingdom
1 dinar, jordan, 1998, nice design 1998 Jordan
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